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3 Free Botanical Printables

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These Free Botanical Printables have been a long time coming. They've been a reader request (by multiple readers) many times. With holiday summer printables and the June series, it was hard to find a spot for them. So, before all of the back-to-school printables start up, I thought they would be a nice little post-FOJ palette cleanser. Download these three botanical printables (in loads of size options) below.

Free Botanical Printables
These botanical printables are some of the simplest designs I've ever done, but they're really quite lovely (in my opinion, of course). For those of you wanting a small gallery wall or maybe needing a break from holiday-themed printables, these are a great fit. These are also a great way to bring a little greenery into your decor (in a super low-maintenance kind of way). Download these free botanical printables below (again, we have a bajillion size options on these!).

Free Botanical Printables

Not only are there three versions of these free Botanical Printables, but each design comes in three sizes, too. The following sizes and formats are included for you to download (all for free!):
  • 8x10" in both JPEG and PDF format
  • 5x7" in both a JPEG and a PDF format (the PDF has two 5x7" images on one page, one to keep and one to share)
  • 4x6" in both a JPEG and a PDF format (again, the PDF format come with two 4x6" images on one page)

Botanical Print Designs

  • The botanical leaves are each anchored with a simple, watercolor, buffalo-checked background in a neutral and white color palette. 
  • The green in each of the stems is a nice (albeit, slight) contrast against the paler, neutral-toned backgrounds.
  • This color palette works well in multiple styles of decor.
Botanical Printables
I'd love to say that I'm super well versed in all things botanical, but, I honestly couldn't tell you the names of each of the plants featured. My goal here was to do three different textures of plants. And they're perfect to display together or each on their own. 

Watercolor Botanicals
Above, you can see how one of the 4x6" printables looks framed. I love to intermingle printables like these in with framed family photos for a bit more interest (not that the people in the photos aren't interesting, but you know what I mean).

Greenery Printables

How to Print and Use these Free Botanical Printables

  • Start by downloading your favorite printable and size below.
  • These botanical printables are for personal use only. However, if you own your own small business or shop, and would like to carry the printed versions of these designs (no digital redistribution is allowed), you may purchase a commercial license here.
  • You can set your printer to NORMAL or DRAFT mode when printing these botanical printables.
    • Draft mode will give you a slight striation to your print. Since these are watercolor, that can often help them look a bit more authentic. 
    • Printing in normal mode will work just fine, too. 
  • All of the PDF designs are perfect to print onto white cardstock. Regular paper is too thin and can be opaque when framed, showing whatever is behind the print through the paper/design. Stick with cardstock on these botanical printables.
  • Once printed out, just trim and frame. The 5x7" and 4x6" PDFs have two designs per page. Keep one for yourself and gift the other.
  • The 5x7" and 4x6" JPEGs can be printed just like you'd print a photo. You can even upload these to a photo printing place to save yourself a bit of ink.
  • Below, I've labeled the print designs for you, to make downloading a bit easier (well, that's the hope anyway...there are a lot of these and it *might* get a bit confusing!).
Botanical Downloads

Download Your Free Botanical Printables:

Please note the name of each print in the image above (they're labeled directly above each design).

Botanical Print #1 Download Links:

If you need any assistance in downloading or printing any of your printables, be sure to check out my video tutorial at the bottom of this post.

Free Botanical Downloads

Looking for More Botanical Printables?

  • My 15 Vintage Floral Printables are a big reader favorite. They also feature the neutral, buffalo-checked backgrounds, except with florals on each one, instead of just greenery pieces.
  • My free printable Daisy Bookmarks have lovely floral botanical (and vintage!) motifs on each design. They're lovely tucked into a good book.
  • These free printable Floral Cards over on my other blog, Print Pretty Cards, feature a classic tea cup and vintage water pitcher with florals spilling out. They're some of my favorites. 
  • These Olive Branch Botanical Printables from Gather & Flourish are really pretty. I love that there are four designs available.
  • My friend, Kim, over at Today's Creative Life has the prettiest Vintage Botanical Banner Printable. I want to hang this banner up anywhere and everywhere.

How to Download or Print Your Printables 

Whether you're downloading a printable here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor or at one of my friends' blogs, be sure to watch my complete video tutorial below covering how to download and print your printables. There are instructions for both a Mac and a PC. There are even tips for printing at home or uploading to your local print shop. If you still have questions, be sure to check out my How to Print a Printable post.


  1. Is there any way I could get the back ground in the blue check pattern. It would match my kitchen so well.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. At this point, I've only created the neutral background designs. I worry the blue check may not be enough contrast with the green leaves. I do have the fun lemon kitchen prints that have the blue check pattern. They're perfect for kitchen art. You can find them here: https://www.ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com/2018/08/lemon-kitchen-art.html

  2. These are just lovely!! Thank you!
    Daisy in Des Moines

    1. I'm so happy you like them, Daisy! Thanks so much for stopping by. xoxo

  3. I love all your printables!!!! So many to choose from and each one wonderful. Thank you so much.

  4. These are LOVELY -- do you also do them with no background?