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Free Printable Patriotic Banner

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I've seriously wanted to make a popsicle-themed free printable patriotic banner for a while now. And, I kind of went a bit crazy with it. There are actually more than ten versions of this banner that you can download...the combinations and possibilities are seriously endless. Download your favorite version of this popsicle-themed free printable patriotic banner below.

Free Printable Patriotic Banner
Once I started working on this banner, I just couldn't stop. It was so fun and I couldn't stop at just plain popsicles (although, those are cute on their own, too). There are USA versions (in both red and blue), AMERICA versions (also in red and blue), plain versions without letters, and then two complete alphabet banners, as well. I can't wait to show you how simple they are to put on below for the instructions.

Printable AMERICA Banner

Free Printable Patriotic Banner

Originally, I had made these popsicle pennants with the stick built actually into the design. But, they just looked flat and well, boring. They were definitely missing something. So, I went back and removed all of the sticks. And I grabbed actual popsicle sticks and glued them to the backs of each popsicle. And then I fell head-over-heels in love with this free printable patriotic banner in all of its popsicle glory. And I sure how you will, too!

Printable USA Banner
There are so many options with this particular banner, but I really enjoy mixing and matching all of the different popsicle designs. You can hang this banner anywhere and everywhere this patriotic season. I even used one of the plain popsicles on its own as a gift tag on a hostess gift last night. It was super cute, y'all!  I could see them working as menu cards, place cards, and so much more.

Downloadable Patriotic Banner

Supplies for Your Patriotic Popsicle Banner:

  • You'll need to download your popsicle pennants either below.
  • These popsicle pennants work best when printed onto white, letter-sized cardstock. Regular paper is too thin and flimsy (especially with popsicle sticks attached).
  • You'll also need the classic wooden popsicle sticks.
  • To hang your pennants, you can use either a hole punch (a smaller 1/8" one works best) or miniature clothespins. I've shared both examples of these hanging methods throughout this post.
  • You'll also need twine to hang your banner onto. I used a fun red and white baker's twine, but jute twine would be darling, too.
  • You'll also need either craft glue or a hot glue gun and hot glue to attach your popsicle sticks to your popsicles. If you use craft glue, you'll also have a bit of drying time, too.
  • Be sure to have your paper scissors ready to go, too. The cuts are simple, but there can be a lot of them if you do several banners.

Red and Blue Popsicles

Putting Together Your Patriotic Banner Together:

  • After downloading your banner pennants, print them out onto the white cardstock.
  • Cut out each popsicle piece.
  • Glue a popsicle stick onto the back of each popsicle.
  • Allow the sticks to dry before stringing your banner together.
  • Use either mini clothespins to attach your pennants to the twine or punch two holes into each of your pennants (see below).
1/8" hole punch
  • To string your banner using holes instead of clothespins, you'll need those two holes at the top of each pennant so the banner is a bit more stable (pictured above).
  • Again, I prefer the smaller, 1/8" hole punch for this.
  • After getting the desired number of pennants strung, you can hang your banner and enjoy!
Printable Popsicles
Again, each popsicle is so cute on its own, too! 
Stick them everywhere this patriotic season.

Summer Banner Printables
These popsicles are cute hung with either method.

Red, white, and blue banner printable
The popsicles with the little bites taken out are my favorites.
Free Fourth or July Banner Printable

Download this Free Printable Patriotic Banner Below:

Summer Popsicle Banner

Looking for More Free Printable Patriotic Banners?

Printable Patriotic Banner

Need Help with Downloading or Printing?

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  1. Thank you so much for all of your free printables. I really enjoy printing and using them.
    Keep up the good work! Happy Holidays!!

    1. Thank you so much, Beverly! That's much appreciated. You, too! xoxo