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Free Printable Grocery List

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After releasing last week's meal planning printables, I've been super excited to post this coordinating free printable grocery list. It is a category-style list...making it easier to fill in the list, as well as shop your store, category by category. This grocery list printable is available in six gingham color options below.

Free Printable Grocery List
If you're like me, a grocery list is a must-have. In our household of five, everyone can add their needs at any given time. When it's time to shop (or order...I love that system), I can just grab the list and go by its contents. Unless the 12-year-old has added five boxes of Pop Tarts to the list. I always retain full veto power on the grocery list. Today's new free printable grocery list is available for you to download below.

Shopping with a Grocery List

My friend, Jennifer, is truly one of the most organized people I've ever met (she blogs over at Jennifer Cooks, but we were friends long before either of us started in the blog world.) When we were young moms, we got together with lots of friends from church for playgroups quite often. We would all glean from her organizational and parenting expertise (her kids were a couple of years older than most of ours, so she had been down the roads we were all navigating through toddlerville). I distinctly remember the day she was telling us about her grocery list method. She would make note of her Walmart's layout (aisle by aisle) and make her list accordingly. She also shared the aisle structure of the local Walmart with all of us and we, too, mimicked this method. Writing down exactly what I needed in every aisle was a fantastic timesaver. Those were the days I was grocery shopping with a toddler and baby, so I was always ready to get in and get out without much incident. I'm always a bit jealous of young moms nowadays with being able to stay in the car with babies and have the Walmart people load up your goods. 

Printable Grocery List
Even with the new way of ordering groceries for pick up and delivery, a grocery list is still essential to keep tally of what's needed here and there. A few months into my Walmart-layout-shopping method, the store changed its layout on me. I was gutted. So, started using a list similar to the one I use today. These days, I also shop at Aldi and HEB, as well as the natural food store. With the THM program we stick to, not all of the ingredients I need are just at one store (isn't that always the way?). A category-style list works a bit easier...I can take it to each of these stores until all of my items are checked off. Today's free printable grocery list will hopefully be an asset to your household, too. Their fun, gingham design is one of my favorites. I'm particularly drawn to the black and white one. Download your favorite below.

Grocery List Categories

I've included the following categories listed below on this free printable grocery list download (listed in order that they each appear on the printable). There are seven blank lines under each category that you can fill in (you can even divide those lines into two columns if your list is extra full).

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Bakery
  • Deli
  • Dairy
  • Meat Market
  • Frozen
  • Dry Goods
  • Canned Goods
  • Spices and Baking
  • Sauces and Condiments
  • Beverages
  • Miscellaneous 

Free Printable Grocery List Downloads 

Download your favorite color or colors of this free printable grocery list below the following image. There are two different download options available for you to use. 
Free Downloadable Grocery List

Menu and Grocery List Printable

Printable Menu and Grocery List Combo

After last week's printable menu post, a few of you asked me to create a combined grocery list and menu planner printable. I went ahead and did that, as well, in all of the same six colors of gingham cuteness. 
Menu and Grocery List Printables
Since this set was a bit more involved (design-wise), I've made it into an add-on item that you can grab in my shop for $1.99 here or through the direct purchase button below. You can download one or all of the color options...they're all included and all sized at 8x10" sizes.

Buy These Six Menu & Grocery List Combined Printables

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Need a Bit of Help with Downloading or Printing?

I created a complete video tutorial here, or even below that covers how to download and print your printables on either a Mac or a PC. There is information on printing at home or uploading to your local print shop.

Preppy Grocery List

Do you shop with a grocery list?