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Monogrammed Luggage Tags

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It's almost travel season (our spring break starts next week, actually). I thought these Monogrammed Luggage Tags would be perfect for those of you who like to add a little splash of FUN and POP of color to your suitcase. These are available in two color options and all of the letters of the alphabet. Grab your free printable monogrammed luggage tags below. 

Monogrammed Luggage Tags
My mother always instilled a love of travel in me. She and I would plan summer vacations months before we took off. One of my favorite trips we took was to Washington DC while my dad was up there for work. She rented a little car and the two of us explored every inch of that city (and Baltimore and Alexandria, too) over the course of two weeks (while my poor dad was in 10+ hours of meetings all day). Mom and I went to all of the hot spots and some kind of funky random places, too (the Octagon House was our fave!). It was truly a blast and I remember making a point to myself that I wanted to travel with my own kids one day, in the manner in which I had always traveled with my parents. As we head out on our own trip next week with our boys, I thought I'd put together some cute monogrammed luggage tags for all of you planning upcoming trips, as well. Grab your letter in either of the color choices below.

Monogrammed Luggage Tags

I learned from one of my college roommates to always put a lil' something extra on your suitcase to make it easy to identify when it came rolling down the luggage carousel. Since then, I've always tied a bright ribbon to the handle of my bag. These days, we try to be carry-on only, but we often take advantage of the free gate checks if they are offered, so having a bright ribbon on my rolly bag still helps. And why not make that ribbon a bit functional, too? Attach one of these monogrammed luggage tags to your ribbon and your suitcase is ready to roll (literally, y'all).
Gingham Luggage Tags

Single Letter Monogram Etiquette

To be totally clear, y'all, I'm not a total etiquette snob (okay, maybe a tiny bit, but absolutely nothing pretentious or off-putting...promise). And, I'm all about bending the rules of etiquette. But, I always get questions about monogram rules when I post one of my monogrammed printables (see them all here), so I thought I'd include the standard rules that go a long with a single letter monogram, like I've created on the monogrammed luggage tags, below.
  • Traditionally, single letter monograms will represent the first letter of the last name for both men and married women over 18 years of age.
  • Unmarried women of all ages are known to use the first letter of their first name.
  • Anyone under 18 uses the first initial of their first name, as well.
  • In this day and age, honestly, anything goes, y'all.
I'm often envious of my friend whose first and last name both start with the letter B. She has it so easy, doesn't she? 

How to Use These Monogrammed Luggage Tags

If I'm being completely honest with you, these monogrammed luggage tags took me longer to design and put together than any other printable, as I can recall. I started out doing front to back printing (on one single piece of paper). But, I did a few prototypes and had some of my friends print them and try them, as well. Everyone's printers did something a bit different and it was a bit of a mess. I'm fairly well versed in back-to-back printing, but this isn't the norm, for sure. So I scrapped everything and started over...I wanted these to be as user-friendly as possible. So, one-sided printing made more sense in that department. And hey, a little double sided tape can go a long way.

Printable Luggage Tags

  • These monogrammed luggage tags were designed to fit into these clear, PVC travel tag pouches that I grabbed HERE on Amazon
  • If you already have existing tags you'd like to use, these monogrammed luggage tags are fairly simple to trim and use with those.
  • First, start by downloading the letter/color of your choice below.
  • Print onto regular printer or copier paper (not cardstock, in this case).
  • Cut out the front and back parts of the tag and write your information into the contact information part.
  • Use double sided tape and attach the front and back of your tags to one another.
  • Remove the paper contact information tag that came in the plastic luggage tags and carefully slip your monogrammed tags inside the pouch. Just FYI: I designed these to fit snuggly inside the pouches (I prefer the way that looks). It takes a bit of finesse to slightly bend and slide these into place. If you'd prefer, you can easily trim the borders so they slide in easier. I purposely made the borders large enough, if you prefer this method.

Free Printable Monogram Luggage Tags
Personally, I prefer to skip the plastic attach-thingy and go for some fun ribbon (I mentioned why I do this at the start of this post). If you tie it in a knot, you shouldn't have any issues with the ribbon catching on anything in transit. If you use grosgrain ribbon or similar, be sure to sear the edges with a lighter (super carefully) to prevent frayed edges.

Download Your Monogrammed Luggage Tags 

I know a lot of you prefer the old method of downloading my printables, however, with the shear volume of pages here (monograms will do that to ya!), I had to house all of these prints in Dropbox and Google Drive so this page didn't take a month of Sundays to load. Hope you understand. If you have any download issues at all, just drop me an email. I'm always happy to email prints that you have a tough time downloading (it happens). Download your tags below:
Monogram Luggage Tags

Monogram Printable Tags for Luggage

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