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Free Printable Backpack Tags

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These big and bright backpack tags are perfect for young children to easily identify their backpack. Their shape fits perfectly inside plastic cruise tag covers...which are waterproof and durable. They'll definitely last the entire school year. I have details on how simple these backpack tags are to put together below. They're available in letters A-Z and two color options.

Backpack Tags

The beauty of these backpack tags is that they'll also work for luggage tags in all kinds of situations (including the most obvious: travel!). While they're pretty simple and geared for kids, I use one myself on my laptop case (because I can't resist gingham!). Download your backpack tags below.

Backpack Tags

My kids' backpacks have always had name labels in somewhat obscure places (the inside or in a slide in pouch-window on the back part). They were helpful in having the kids easily identify the backpacks on their own. I wanted to create some backpack tags that were big and bright so they can be spotted by their owner easily. If you're wary about safety and such (I totally understand that), just use the initial side of the tag and write all of the pertinent name information on the tag that actually comes with your bag.
Free Printable Backpack Tags

Assembling Your Backpack Tags


  • Again, I used plastic cruise tags to protect our backpack tags (they're so durable). I grabbed mine on Amazon, but if you want to purchase these in a store, the size for the tags is 6.5"x2.5". 
  • You could also laminate these, if you prefer.
  • You can print these onto white letter-sized paper or cardstock. Personally, I prefer cardstock for its durability, but the thickness takes some maneuvering to get it in the pouch (but once it's in, it's good to go for the school year!).
  • I used double-sided tape to attach my two sides together so they don't wiggle around in the pouch.
  • You'll also need scissors and a marker. Instead of scissors, a lot of you know I really love to use my Fiskars Paper Trimmer for super straight lines and easy cuts. 

Printable Backpack Tags


  • After printing your tags onto cardstock (or regular paper if you prefer), cut out each piece.
  • Use the double-sided tape to affix the sides together (this is optional, but it helps the tags to not move around inside their pouches).
  • Fill in the name information on the backside of the tag. This is totally optional. If you prefer, you can also adhere two of the letters back to back in your pouch. Then keep contact information in a more discreet area, if this worries you.
  • Slide the tags into the plastic pouch and seal it tightly (I run my finger over the zippered part several times to make sure!).
  • Attach the tags to your bag with the accompanying metal wire that comes with the tags.

Download Your Backpack Tags

Monogrammed Backpack Tags
Click below to download your letter (both designs are on the same page):

Monogrammed Luggage Tags
If you have older kids, who may prefer a less child-like look, be sure to check out (the above pictured) free printable Monogrammed Luggage Tags. They're available in two color options, as well.

Free Printable Luggage Tags

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