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Cut Files for Class Shirt Designs

This post for class shirt designs contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

These 15 Cut Files for Class Shirt Designs just make me SMILE! They're perfect for team shirts, teachers, aides, students, and anyone looking to give a nod to their grade level or class. These class shirt designs would make darling gifts, too (Teacher Appreciation Week comes to mind!). And you can use the cut files for more than just t-shirts, too. There are loads of possibilities with this mega bundle. These class shirt designs are available in the standard SVG cut file format along with PNG, JPEG, and PDF versions for your convenience. The SVG files work with both Cricut and Silhouette design software.

Class or Grade Level Shirts
If you'll notice, I snuck that PDF format into the mix of these class shirt designs, too. That means...these double as printables! You're more than welcome to use them as good ol' fashioned prints, if you desire. Same goes for PNG and JPEG options, too. Although, some of you die-hard cut machiners (machinists?) prefer a PNG file for your Cricut software, so that's definitely an option. These files are in one big bundle in my shop for $5. You can pick and choose which ones you'd like to download. Grab them HERE or through the button below. And see each design after the jump.

Click here to purchase this HUGE bundle of cut files for $5!

Cut Files for Class Shirt Designs

Gosh, I also think these class shirt designs would be so fun on the first day of school, too. Although, my soon-to-be-ninth grader doesn't seem to agree (weird). But again, these are way MORE than just shirt designs. I may have to grab some HTV and make him a cute lunch box for high school (I joke, I joke). While these files are for personal use, that basically just means don't turn around and sell t-shirts with them in your personal shop. If you want to make them for your team or your school (even as a fundraiser), go for it. I'm a school lover through and through and I'd love to support any type of fundraising with fun designs.
Grade Level Shirts

Click here to purchase this HUGE bundle of cut files for $5!

Using these Class SVG Files:

  • These class SVG files are compatible with all software for both Cricut and Silhouette vinyl cutting machines.
  • Purchase and download the class SVG files you like HERE or below.
  • Open each individual file in the design software for your cutting machine.
  • Again, I've included PNG files (and PDFs and JPEGs). SVG files are the preferred format (you can ungroup the images, change the colors, etc.). SVG files are just a lot easier to use and more compatible with most design software for Silhouettes and Cricuts. But, many of you have requested the other files, so they're included, too.
  • All of these class SVG files are perfect for use with both vinyl and heat transfer vinyl: the possibilities here are endless!
  • I like to use colorful heat transfer vinyl (or HTV) for pillows and t-shirts. And regular vinyl creates some lovely signs and mugs with these designs.
  • Don't forget: when you're working with heat transfer vinyl, remember to both reverse your design in your software, as well as print on the "wrong side" of your HTV. There is a helpful Cricut tutorial to do this here. But, since I'm a Silhouette user, I swear by (and often refer to) Mandy's HTV video here.
  • You are more than welcome to use all of these SVG files for personal use, including gifts. Just please don't sell any of the items you create with them, k?
    • Need a commercial license? My email is in the sidebar...drop me a line and I can create a license for you to use.
How to Use Cut Files

Resizing Your SVG Files

  • Once you've downloaded your favorite SVG files, open each file in your own design software to use as you normally would. 
  • To resize each image, grab its lil' "handles" in the corners to pull them to the desired size (see the above image). I intentionally create these SVG files on the bigger size for those of you making large signs and such. 
  • Once you resize the cut file, you can send it to cut and the cut lines should populate. If you want, feel free to tinker with it for using multiple vinyl colors, etc. 

Class Shirt Designs

I've shared every single one of these designs below. Remember, you can definitely use them on a lot more than just shirts. They're all grouped in one big bundle for $5 HERE in my shop or through the button below. Once you purchase, you can pick and choose which files you want to download (or feel free to download every one of them!).

Click here to purchase this HUGE bundle of cut files for $5!

Preschool Shirt
The above design is a more general one for anyone in the preschool setting...even the kids!

Pre-K Shirt

Kindergarten Shirt

First Grade Tshirt

2nd Grade Tshirt

3rd Grade Tshirt

4th Grade Tshirt

5th Grade Tshirt

6th Grade Tshirt

7th Grade Tshirt

8th Grade Tshirt

Ninth Grade Tshirt

10th Grade Tshirt

11th Grade Tshirt

12th Grade Tshirt
I know it's a bit of a stretch to have the high school levels on here, but I want to make sure everyone is represented. My husband (a high school principal) said I should add all of the subjects, too, since that's how high school teachers are grouped. But, that's a different post and bundle entirely. And it may have to wait a bit. I'm a bit cut-filed out for the moment.

Click here to purchase this HUGE bundle of cut files for $5!

Class Shirt Designs

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  1. Hello! These are just adorable. I can see a child wearing one for each first day of school photo:) You have a very comprehensive list of grades but, sadly, not mine. How about a cut file for Adult Ed?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you so much, Donna! I'll try to get an additional list going of extras I need to add. Hoping to get them up next week or so. Appreciate you stopping by. xoxo