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Free Home Blessing Printable

This post for a free Home Blessing printable contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

This free Home Blessing printable is available in three sizes and perfect for your decor. It would also make a lovely house-warming gift. Download this Home Blessing printable below. 

Home Blessing Printables
After our reader survey from last week, I learned gobs of goodies about readers' preferences. I'm working to integrate lots of your ideas, starting today. This free Home Blessing printable covers numerous requests: it's in black and white, it's available in multiple sizes (information on that below), and it's farmhouse-y (this was actually a design modified from all of my Free Farmhouse SVG Files). Download this Home Blessing print below.

Free Home Blessing Printable

This printable is my number one downloaded design from Tuesday's free Farmhouse-Style SVG Files (the second one is the Crazy Chicken Lady that not hilarious?!). I did tweak the design slightly, so it would fit into printable dimensions a bit better. Here is its original square Home Blessing design:

Home Blessing Pillow
One of the other things that was mentioned in the survey numerous times: not everyone wants SVG files (it ironically tied up with "more SVG files, please"!). I totally understand, y'all. Not all of us have a Cricut or Silhouette. My goal is to integrate all of my most downloaded SVG designs into printables, everyone can utilize them, in one way or another. 

Home Blessing Printable Sizing Information

Readers were all about the write-in info on the was actually super helpful and eye-opening. A bunch of folks requested that printables be made available in 5x7 and 4x6 sizes, too. But, the 8x10 size was still the most a lot! Just a bit of background on this sizing thing: 
  • An 8x10" print is made into a PDF file (at least that's how we do things on I Should Be Mopping the Floor). When it's a PDF, it stays true to size for you.
  • However, a lot of you have requested that the smaller sizes be made into JPEGs. I definitely honored this request, but please note, sometimes your computer or download application will automatically resize your JPEG for faster downloading (this can diminish image quality and often create pixelation). 
  • To alleviate this problem, I created the 4x6 and 5x7 sizes in two different formats: JPEGs and PDFs. The PDF versions have two images per page (one to keep and one to share!). And you can print them at home without worry of image sizing or quality. The single JPEG images are available, can even upload them to a photo-printing facility for easier printing, if you prefer. 

Download Your Home Blessing Printables:

You can download these printables below (individual sizes available below).
Bless This Home and All Who Enter

As usual, I always recommend printing onto white cardstock paper instead of regular paper. When you trim and frame a printable that is printed on plain copier paper (not cardstock), it is often so thin that whatever is behind it in the frame shows through (often a grey cardboard backing that makes your pretty printable have a grey look to it). Printing on thicker white cardstock eliminates that instantly. I buy inexpensive white cardstock here on Amazon Prime for the best price that I can find. 
Home Blessing

Looking for More Home Blessing Printables?

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

Check out my complete video tutorial below that goes over how to print your printables on either a Mac or a PC...on your home printer or even uploaded to your local print shop. If you have any additional questions, please refer to my thorough, step-by-step post here on printing your printables. It includes budget-friendly, at-home printer recommendations, too.


  1. Yay for multiple sizes! Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for the multiple sizes! Hooray! I love being able to print it our for my 5x7 frame.

    1. Hi Grace! You're so welcome. Glad that helps. I'm hoping to do most of the freebies in this manner from here on out (fingers crossed!). xoxo

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with us, Kristi. I have no ability in drawing and painting but I enjoy your work very much. Ellie