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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Free Irish Blessing Printable

This Free Irish Blessing Printable would be a delightful little watercolored rainbow addition to your St. Patrick's Day decor. With our new found Irish heritage (yay for ancestry tests!), we practically have a different Irish Blessing in every corner of the house this season. We're seriously milking this holiday for all its worth. Grab your own free Irish Blessing Printable below.

Irish Blessing Printable
Are y'all so tired of me going on and on about our newly discovered Irish heritage? I mean...it's the season to celebrate it, right? I've seriously always wanted to do more St. Patrick's Day printables here, but didn't feel like I was very authentic designing this type of print a few years back. Now that we've learned we're as Irish as a pot of gold (relatively speaking), I'm going all out with the fun. Today's free Irish Blessing Printable is my second St. Patrick's print of the year (did you catch last week's St. Patrick's Day freebies?). This Irish Blessing Printable kind of marries all of my favorite things...watercolor, rainbow vibes, and a sweet message to display in your home. Grab yours below.

Free Irish Blessing Printable

May you live as long as you want;
And never want as long as you live.

Rainbow Printable
Is this not the best Irish Blessing? I mean, that's kind of what we all want, right? And I just had to lay this sweet blessing on top of some rainbow watercolor saturation to really bring out the best St. Patrick's Day has to offer. 

Download Your Irish Blessing Printable:

St. Patrick's Day Printable
Download this Free Irish Blessing 8x10 Printable.

If the above link doesn't work for you, 
be sure to try this alternate one.

How to Print Your Irish Blessing:

The watercolor in this Irish Blessing print is built in to the design. You print it as you would anything else...but I highly recommend setting your printer to its BEST quality to really get the saturated effect of the watercolor. This is an 8x10 printable, however it's designed so you can print it right on a letter-sized paper for easy home printing. Simply trim and frame. I also recommend printing onto card stock...plain copy paper looks very grey and thin once framed. Using card stock will get you a nice, professional finished piece. 

Want More Irish Blessing Printables?

Rainbow Blessing Printable
May your card stock be heavy and your cartridge full of ink. 
(A graphic designer's version of an Irish Blessing.)

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