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Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

These Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas are sponsored by Jasco Products and Acorn Influence. All ideas and opinions presented are mine alone.

We gave our front porch and yard a makeover in one weekend, incorporating lots of simple front yard landscaping ideas. From lighting to plants to ol' fashioned rockers, check out these simple front yard landscaping ideas below.

Landscaping Ideas
We're a little bit sore, but man, what a difference one weekend can make! With a little elbow grease and some simple front yard landscaping ideas, our porch and flower beds did a total turnaround. And we're definitely novice in, we know nothing. These were just simple little ideas here and there that worked for us and fit our budget. Check out the entire makeover below.

landscape lighting
I can't tell you how much nicer it is to walk or drive by this new and improved front porch versus our previous, sad one. It feels like a breath of fresh air. 

front yard ideas
The above photo was taken just before we purchased this home. It's a bit hard to tell, but there was so much overgrowth and craziness going on. Our home was vacant for four years prior to us purchasing it. So, although the space, in general, was something we did need a bit of TLC. We started by having everything cleared...from bushes to small trees endangering the foundation. Everything went away and we started with a clean slate. See how it all came together below.

yard ideas

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Here are a few of the main things that contributed to the new look in our front yard:

  • Our new outdoor rockers provide a fun look and functionality. 
    • Using outdoor pillows in each chair adds extra texture.
  • Double rugs probably seem a bit much, however, we are loving them! The larger sisal rug covers cords for our lights (more on that below). And the smaller one is functional for wiping feet on your way inside.
  • We added easy-to-care-for plants that are native to our area (and drought tolerant...because, Texas).
  • We added potted plants that were taller to add dimension to a very flat space.
  • The biggest showstopper in our new front yard is the super fun landscape lighting that we incorporated around the new ground plants, as well as amongst the potted plants, too.  

Jasco Lights
Jasco's new Landscape Lighting just made our lives so much easier and our front yard so much prettier. I've seriously never seen anything like these lights, and our neighbors have already been asking about them (just in the few days we've had them in place). They're premium quality for year-round use. They also have multiple mounting options for up or down lighting for flower beds, gardens, walkways, decks, accent lighting, eaves, indoors, kitchens, holidays, celebrations, and more! I kind of want them everywhere now, y'all. Everything needed to make any space colorful and bright all year is included the box.

Jasco Yard Lights
The Jasco lights' hockey-puck shape is super cool. These lights are available in 3 different lengths (6 pucks/50 ft, 9 pucks/80 ft., and 12 pucks/110 ft.) All lengths have flexible 10 ft. spacing between lights. We have three of the 50 foot sets of the Jasco Landscape Lights in our front yard. The remote-controlled features help to wirelessly control and customize lights....including dimming, countdown timers, preset holiday themes, effects, changing colors (up to 16 single colors, or any two-color combo), and three adjustable white lights (warm white, soft white, daylight). This lighting is available at Sam's Club or online here.

Backyard Party Ideas
You may remember that we're already big Jasco fans. We used their Color Changing Cafe Lights on our back patio last year (pictured above), and even on our holiday mantel this past Christmas season.

Colorful Yard
The above is how these fun lights look at night. It's like a party on our lawn...alllllll the time!

Southern Plants

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Incorporate in One Weekend:

As I mentioned, plants were a biggie. We actually had all of that original overgrowth cleared out a while back.  Initially, we had a company to give us several quotes on landscaping. We hired them for tree work, drainage issues, and such, but their actual landscaping quote was a bit out of our budget. We knew we could tackle it on our own, little by little, as we've done in our previous homes. Today's post is probably going to be phase one of our simple front yard landscaping ideas...we've already compiled a list of other plants to add to the couple of dozen we put in this past weekend.

Lantana Plants
The plants we added include lantana, salvia, sweet broom (a favorite of ours that we had in our Abilene home 15 years ago), hummingbird bushes, and tickseed. All of these are hearty and good for our area. In the past, we've done more classic stuff like boxwood shrubs with potted geraniums for pops of color. However, we went a little more regional to simplify things and make care a bit easier. Our area tends to be super hot, so these plants are a bit more hearty than things I may have done in the past (that I usually bid adieu mid-summer when the temps were well into the three digits). 

Hummingbird Bush
These hummingbird bushes went against our two main front windows. Once they grow in a bit more, we plan to add rosemary plants in front of them.  

Sweet Broom
We nestled our Jasco Landscape Lights amongst all of the new plants to add even more interest. We staked them down and then buried the cords in between plants (just follow the directions included in the lighting to install your landscape lights). We found it was nice to also have an extra bag of potting soil to help in the burying of the cords.

Lights for yard
Loving all of the fun color options with these lights!

Front Porch Ideas
I can't wait for these sweet brooms to really take off. When they're bigger, we can easily just move the lights a bit more forward so they aren't lost in the shrubbery.

DIY Porch
We added a few more of the Jasco lights around the potted plants on the actual patio area, too. This turned out to be a great decision...they make perfect uplights and add loads of interest to the patio area. Our new teak rockers have been a great addition, too. We usually sit out here after our evening walk. Our neighborhood is super's a great spot to wave at everyone walking by.

Double Porch Rugs
Double rugs! I noticed this new trend lately and wasn't sure how I felt about it. However, it proved to be a necessity for us in this space. The larger, sisal rug actually covers our cords for our landscape lighting. The smaller one is more functional for feet wiping. I really love all of the texture these rugs bring to this space.

Southern Porch
It feels like that quintessential southern front porch now.

Winding Sidewalk
I'm really excited for everything to fill in and grow!

Outdoor Rocking Chairs
We've been enjoying the Warm White setting on the Jasco Landscape Lights the most, but certainly love to change it up, too (I can't wait to go all red, white, and blue in July!).

Easy Outdoor Lighting
We programmed the lighting so it works on one remote. I can actually control the lights from inside the house. And the two and four hour timers are some of my favorite functions.

Color Changing Lighting
And we can change the color with just the click of a button!

Rainbow Lighting
The rainbow settings are some of our fun!

Porch Rules
Our oldest son's favorite color is green, so he loves this setting the best.

Glowing porch
Our home kind of glows at night, now!

See how this entire space came together in the video below:

Colorful Front Porch

More Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas:

front yard ideas

We're really loving how everything came together.


  1. I love what you have accomplished! It looks so inviting.

    1. Thank you so much, Carolyn! I really appreciate that. xoxo

  2. Kristi - beautiful job on the house! love the coloured lights and those polka-dotty pots! :)