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Free Printable Gift Tags for Graduation Gifts

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It's graduation season, y'all. I made these free printable gift tags for all of your graduation gifts to make wrapping a bit easier (and cuter, too, if I'm being completely honest). These printable mortar board gift tags are available in eight color options and will dress up all of your graduation gifts in style (in the recipient's school colors, as well).

Free Printable Gift Tags for Graduation Gifts

If you're like us, you find yourself purchasing multiple graduation gifts this time of the year. These free printable gift tags are perfect for all graduate levels (from the kindergarteners to the college grads!). They are fantastic for any gift, but I love to attach them to cute party favor bags that I can tuck a gift card inside. Download these gift tags below in the color of your choice.

Free Printable Gift Tags for Graduation Gifts

Graduation season is particularly fun when you're married to a high school principal. There always seem to be high school seniors in our life. Even though my husband isn't as close to the 600+ graduates he has every year, there are always a few that will send him an invite to a graduation party of sorts. We try to bring them a small token of congratulations (and yes, he does try to attend those parties, if he's able). These gift tags are perfect for all graduation gifts, but particularly look cute with the party favor bags (as pictured above). That means we can tuck in something small but meaningful into the bags. The presentation is so cute, too! 

These tags would also be fun for graduating seniors to give to their graduating friends, too. I remember graduating from college and wanting to give gifts to my best girlfriends, but yet not wanting to bust the budget. I really think that pretty wrapping goes a long way to dress up something a bit on the less expensive side. It also means you took a bit of time to really put together a nice presentation (which sometimes is half of the fun of gifts, right?).

Design Specifics

Grad Gifts
  • These simple gift tags are available in eight colors for all of your graduation gifts. This makes it a fun way to personalize your gift in the graduate's school colors. 
  • I included black and white versions, too, if the specific color you need isn't one of the standard options.

I actually had to redesign these tags after I printed them the first time. Initially, the cuts were too time consuming and cumbersome. So, I simplified them a bit and made them more user friendly. The black outline around the perimeter can be cut off or cut just on the outside of, to leave it as an outline on the design.

Gifts for Graduates
I love to pair these mortar board tags with a lovely piece of coordinating ribbon. Polka-dotted grosgrain is basically my favorite ribbon, ever. I grabbed all of these ribbons in a big bundle here on Amazon. I seriously use them for everything, y'all.
Graduation Gift Wrap 

Using Your Tags for Graduation Gifts

  • Download the tags in the color of your choice below (specific links to each color are available below).
  • Print the tags on white cardstock paper using the normal ink setting on your printer. I don't recommend regular paper on these...they tend to curl up on the edges.
  • Fill in your to and from spaces.
  • Cut out your tags. Using a smaller hole punch (I like a 1/8" punch to avoid taking away from the design), punch a hole in the tag. Attach to your gift.
  • To make gifting easier, use a cute paper favor bag (pictured above in black and white stripes). These are perfect for gift cards or even cash. They make gifting to several recipients at a time a breeze.

Download these Tags for Graduation Gifts:

I just updated all of the download links below, for your convenience. You can now download each color on either of my download platforms.
Graduation Hat Printables

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

See my complete video tutorial below covering how to both download and print all of your printables on either a Mac or a PC. This includes tips for printing on your home printer or uploading designs to a local print shop. If you still have printing or downloading questions, refer to my in-depth tutorial here. It includes inexpensive printer suggestions, too.

More Ideas for Graduation Gifts:

Graduation Tags

What kind of graduation gifts do you like to give? Suggestions and ideas are welcome below in the comments area.


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    1. Thank you so much, Jessica! Hope you're doing well.

  2. absolutely perfect timing! My senior Student Council officers will be thrilled!

    1. Oh yay! So happy they'll work out for you. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. These are so cute and better than something store-bought!

  4. kathleen staskinMay 6, 2018 at 3:25 PM

    The dropbox download method isn't working for me - it keeps opening to a blank screen :(

    1. Hi Kathleen-- I just checked and it seems to be working on my end. Let me know what you need and I can email it directly to you. Thanks!

  5. Thank you very much, so happy to find the color that match my school colors (mine is orange btw)

    They're super cute. I'm sure the kids will love it :)

    1. So glad to hear that, Pipit. Thanks so much for letting me know. xoxo