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Spring Embroidery Hoop Art

My Spring Embroidery Hoop Art post contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

This Spring Embroidery Hoop Art is my most detailed hoop, yet. I've just started embroidery hoop art about a year ago, and have been working my way up to more difficult pieces. I'm happy with how this one turned out, too. I've included a free pattern and stitch explanations for you below, if you'd like to create this embroidery hoop art for yourself.

Spring Hoop Art
Today's Spring Embroidery Hoop Art is actually a part of this month's Thrifty Style Team. All of my friends have shared their own thrifty fun at the end of this post. My contribution of an embroidery hoop is one of my favorite thrifty decor items...embroidery is a relatively inexpensive hobby and I LOVE finding hoops (and floss and fabric, too) at my local thrift stores. This Spring Embroidery Hoop Art is a great embroidery hoop pattern for beginners. In another post, I've also shared a complete tutorial on how to embroider the leaves on this hoop, as well.

spring emboirdery
Our Thrifty Style team has some incredible ideas for you this month, too! Their projects are listed out later in this post. 
Thrifty Style Team

Embroidery Reference Book

Embroidery Hoop Art Book
If you're new to embroidery, the above book is my little stitch bible. I keep it in my embroidery bag and refer to it often. The designs in it are nice, however, I love it for the stitch tutorials it has illustrated. It covers all of the basic stitches and a few more. 500 Simply Charming Designs for Embroidery is a great one to add to your craft library.

Spring Embroidery Hoop Art

This embroidery hoop is a combination of large, wagon-wheel style flowers (I used the embroidery hoop flower tutorial from Making Jiggy for all 15 of my flowers), my easy embroidered leaves (tutorial), a chain stitch, and simple back-stitched text. 

Thrifted Hoops
Just a quick note: keep on the lookout for hoops at thrift stores! They are MUCH cheaper there!

How to Create this Spring Embroidery Hoop Art

DMC Thread


Download Your Free Pattern:

PDF Pattern


Tracing Hoop Art
  • After fitting the fabric into the embroidery hoop, I laid it on top of my printed pattern to trace. I do not have a light table, but instead an old-school office light from the 1950s (it's fluorescent...weird buzzing noise and all), that does the job. I just lay my pieces on a regular table, shine the light on top and I am able to perfectly trace everything out. 
  • Again, instead of the usual water-soluble pens, I fell in love with these erasable Pilot FriXion pens for sewing and embroidery. To erase the ink, simply hold your steaming iron just hovering above it...it's so cool to watch it disappear. 

Stitches Used:

Embroidery Stitches
The above are all of the stitches used for this embroidery hoop. If you are not familiar with these stitches, see the following tutorials below:

Stitching Embroidery Leaves
  • These leaves are very simple, but somewhat time consuming and can use a load of floss. I went through about three bundles.
  • As you can see from above, I tend to bounce around all over the hoop without any order. I'll do a few leaves, get bored, do lettering, go back to leaves, repeat. 
  • There is no wrong way to complete this one.

Hoop Art Pattern
  • After I finish, I trim the excess fabric.

Finishing a hoop
  • I finish my hoops in a very simple manner, since I hang most of them. 
  • I use felt, cut in a circle and carefully glued in place to cover the floss craziness on the back of a hoop. 
  • It's not the prettiest back, but it's ideal for hanging the finished pieces.

Like I mentioned, I used my Easy Leaf Embroidery Tutorial in this Spring Embroidery Hoop Art. You can also see this same method of embroidering leaves in my Mother's Day Hoop Art (shown in the video below):

Hoop Art for Spring
Be sure to check out all of my friends' thrifty fun, too:


  1. Hello!!
    I hope your Valentine is as special to you as you are to me!

  2. This is just the cutest, cheeriest craft ever! You did a beautiful job with the stitching. As much as I would love to make something like this, I don't think I have the patience or the stitching skills. Mine could potentially look like a giant thread mess.

  3. I could NOT love this anymore! SO PRETTY!!!

  4. Kristi, the colors and the pattern are absolute perfection! I used to do cross stitch but maybe I could get into embroidery! Thanks for the tip about the Pilot FriXion pens..I have a set but didn't realize the ink would disappear with steam!

  5. This is so cute! I used to "hoop" as a kid, and seeing this makes me want to take it up again!

  6. Kristi that is so darling! It's perfect for your beautiful, cheerful home!

  7. Kristi! Such a fun relaxing craft. I haven't embroidered in years. But your tips and pattern make me want to start up again. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Since I am in California right now I may or may not have a few home sweet home thoughts, but I never learned to embroider even though my mom always had a project going.

  9. I don't hoop but would like to after seeing your adorable piece. Love the pretty colors you used!

  10. Very pretty! Makes me want to re-learn embroidery. I'd love to join your Thrifty Style Team if taking new folks. Visiting from Best of the Weekend party.

  11. So cute! I cross stitch, but have never tried embroidery...would love to, though. Thanks for posting this!

  12. kristi, your hope is so pretty for spring. i have always wanted to try this but find it daunting and complicated. maybe i will check out your recommendation and give it a go!

  13. I have yet to try embroidery art because cross stitch is usually my thing for stitching. I have been framing them in hoops too for my craft room wall. Hoops are just so much fun to work with. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  14. This is stunning! I love it! Thank you for the free embroidery pattern! :) Lisa