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DIY Bath Tray

This DIY Bath Tray is perfect to put across your tub for all of your bath time essentials. It was an easy one-hour project (not including paint drying time). But, seriously, how have I gone so long without a bath tray? Game changer, y'all. Find out how to may your own DIY Bath Tray below. AND, I'm once again sharing some FREE Mrs. Meyer's goodies (this time it's the new body wash and lotion and loofah).

This post is brought to you by Grove Collaborative.
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bath tray
Not only are we building this simple DIY Bath Tray today, but these Mrs. Meyer's freebies may just be my new favorites. I've also taken the photos for this post in the bathroom that I never show on the all of its avocado green and 1970s wallpaper glory. In a weird way, its style seems to be coming back around, y'all. We may just leave it as is for a few more years and be ahead of the game. Find out how to make your own DIY Bath Tray below, as well as grab your own free Mrs. Meyer's Body Wash, Body Lotion, and loofah.

bath caddy
Before we build our bath tray, I have to show you these fun new Mrs. Meyer's products: body wash and body lotion (and a really nice loofah!). I often just work with my friends at Grove on their cleaning campaigns, but I seriously couldn't resist these free bath products. Want to get these free for yourself?! Here's how to do it:

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To make sure you receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you love and receive your first box within a few days. I'm a regular Grove customer. Below, I listed some of the things I order all the time that might become your faves, too. You can order these to get to that $20 and then get your free Mrs. Meyer's goodies:
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Again, just sign up with Grove Collaborative here. Your Mrs. Meyer's freebies will automatically be in your cart...just fill up the cart to $20 with other items, check out, and bada bing, bada boom. Free Mrs. Meyer's Body Wash, Body Lotion, and a fancy loofah are headed your way!

bath tub caddy

Making a DIY Bath Tray

This bath tray is really simple. I love having a spot to set everything I need down on...a magazine, a cup of tea, those fun bath products I mentioned, a nice candle, and even a towel. I made this one large enough to hold all the things. Our bathtub is actually in the middle of the room...which means it's a distance from a towel bar. It's nice to have enough space on a bath tray to have a bath towel at the ready.

Bath Tray Supplies

Supplies for your DIY Bath Tray

  • We used one 1x8 board for the main section of our bath tray. We cut two sections of it to 35" long (which is the width of our bathtub). Cut yours accordingly.
  • To create four small straps to connect our 1x8 boards together, we used small pieces of wood underlayment (cut into 3" sections, cut as long as the depth of our board, which was 18" once both 1x8 boards were together). If you're okay with a bulkier board, you can always use 1x4s.
  • You'll also need small screws (make sure they are not longer than the depth of your 1x8 boards with their underlayment pieces attached).
  • We also used wood glue as an extra measure.
  • Two drawer-pull style handles. (I actually ended up changing my mind and using shiny silver ones on my finished piece. These lucite ones are being saved for another fun project now.)
  • outdoor paint or stain; sealant

Building a bath tray
Lay your two 1x8 boards (long sides together) flush with one another (add a small line of wood glue in between them, if you like). Add your underlayment straps or 1x4s evenly spaced out on what will be the underside of your bath tray (as pictured above). We added a bit of wood glue to each strap. Then screw your screws in (a drill is helpful, but you can do it by hand). We didn't predrill our holes for this since the screws were so short. We did use a drill bit that was slightly larger than the head on the screws to drill about two millimeters into the wood strips, so the screws' heads would be flush or even sunk into the wood (screw heads against a bathtub sounded like nails on a chalkboard to me).
Once your bath tray is put together, sand it thoroughly. Wipe off sawdust with a tackcloth and paint as desired. I used a light grey outdoor paint so water wouldn't bother the finish on my bath tray. If you're worried, you can also add a marine grade sealant to make sure it's completely waterproof. 

bath tray hardware
And don't forget to add the handles to the two short ends of your piece once your bath tray has dried completely. Time to draw a bath.

Mrs. Meyers
Be sure to add your new Mrs. Meyer's Body Wash and Lotion to your bath tray. I'm loving the Basil scent in this...but Lavender and Geranium are next on my list. Don't forget to GRAB YOUR FREE MRS. MEYER'S GOODIES HERE

1970s bathroom

More DIY Bath Tray Ideas

Bath Products
And again, don't forget your free Mrs. Meyer's goodies.


  1. Love your bath tray and thank you for showing us the how to

  2. Very neat idea and good you can cut it to your individual size. We have a big jetted tub and some pre-made ones wouldn't fit. Enjoy your relaxing bath....

  3. Wonderful idea and thanks for sharing. I would also like to join your "Pin Only Your Best Pins" Pinterest board. I have a website and blog, marketing my graphic designs for Redbubble, Fine Art America and now just started designing T-shirts for Merch Amazon. Your Pinterest board has some striking posts, and would love to be a part of it.

    Deb McCarthy