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Carrot Tag Easter Printouts: Free

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These carrot-shaped free Easter printouts are perfect to attach to baskets or gifts this spring season. They're colorful and cheerful...and a whole lot sweeter than an actual carrot (wink). Their bright green and orange give your basket a fun, pop of spring color. Grab these, along with a few of my reader-favorite other Easter printouts (free) below. 

Carrot Tag Easter Printouts Free

We love to tell the story of how the bunny "accidentally switched" up our kids' Easter baskets one year. Each child was slightly puzzled by the contents...since they would've better suited that kid's sibling. But, middle-of-the-night basket filling can do that to a tired bunny. Had the baskets had some fun labels, our problems would've been solved. 

If your Easter bunny needs a little help labeling the baskets he leaves for the littles, these cute Carrot Tag Easter Printouts (free!) are the perfect solution. They also work great as gift tags on presents (as in...non-basket form). And they'd be adorable strung together in a banner. Just a simple little printable that packs a big punch. Download your free Carrot Tag Easter Printouts below.

Carrot Tag Easter Printouts

I feel like carrots can be the redheaded stepchild of the Easter celebration. I mean, clearly the egg is the star of the show...and if it's a chocolate egg, well, goodbye to all of the vegetable representatives. But, carrots are actually so colorful and really do add a cute design punch to Easter festivities (I mean, green and orange together looks so bright and spring-like). 

I made these Carrot Tag Easter Printouts in a way that won't take you forever to cut out, either (that's why they have numerous outlines around their carrot make your scissors go around them a bit easier). 
Easter Printouts Free

How to Print Your Free Carrot Tag Easter Printables

  • These work best printed onto white card stock (regular paper is really too thin and flimsy and won't produce the greatest outcome; it often causes the edges to curl up once cut, too).
    • You can grab a pack of white cardstock here on Amazon (that's where I grab mine). It's always nice to keep a ream on hand for emergency printing situations, y'all (graphic designer problems, right?).
  • Set your printer on its NORMAL or BEST setting before clicking print.
  • These Carrot Tags print out six to a page. Feel free to print as many as you like.
  • Once these are printed out, you'll use your scissors around the outer (lighter green) outline of each carrot. If you're ambitious, you can trim the outline(s) off, if you prefer that look (but that's a bit more involved cutting).
  • Label your carrot tags using a fine-tipped or standard black Sharpie Marker. Your printer's ink (whether you use a laser or ink-jet) will create a surface that can be difficult for a ball point pen to navigate. Sharpies fix everything, don't they?
  • Use a hole punch in the leafy green part of your carrot tags (I highly recommend a smaller hole punch, so it doesn't interfere with the actual design).
  • Jute twine or colorful baker's twine are both fun touches with these carrot tag Easter printouts.

Download Your Carrot Tag Easter Printouts

I have two download options listed for you below the following image. If you have any downloading issues, be sure to drop me an email or see my complete downloading and printing tutorial here
Carrot Tags

Other Ways to Use These Carrot Tag Easter Printouts:

  • As I mentioned above, not only are these carrot tags cute as basket identification tags, they'd be darling attached to any springtime gift, really.
  • Print several sets of the tags, cut them out, and string them together for a cute spring banner. You can either punch two holes in the top to string twine through, or you can attach the carrots to the twine or string using mini clothespins.
    • Grab mini clothespins at your local craft store or here on Amazon
  • Use these carrot printouts as place setting cards on your Easter table. Simply cut them out and tie them around your napkins. Use a Sharpie to write the names of your guests on them.
  • Use these as menu labels on your Easter buffet. Simply use double sided table to attach them to drink carafes, etc. Or cut them out and tie them onto pitcher handles, etc.
  • Print and cut these out. Use them as a "bunny trail" rather than the messier version of the chalk bunny feet. The Easter bunny always seems to leave a trail of carrots, right?
  • Print and cut these carrots out and scatter them on your Easter tablecloth as fun and whimsical decor.  

Easter Placecards

More Free Easter Printables:

Need Help Downloading or Printing? 

Be sure to check out my complete video tutorial below or here that covers how to download and print your printables on either a Mac or a PC...on your printer at home or even uploaded to a local print shop. If you have any additional questions, again, please refer to my thorough, step-by-step post here on printing your printables. This post also includes budget-friendly, at-home printer recommendations that I use myself, too.

Easter Gift Tag Printables

Hoping the bunny treats you well this year!
Does your Easter bunny label the baskets at your house?


  1. Thank you for the printables. I really enjoy your site.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. Happy Spring! xoxo

  2. I love the carrots! So cute and colorful. Perfect. We are all in our 50's and I am the eldest at 62 but I still make baskets for my sisters and brother, son, nephews.

    1. that!! I'm sure they love receiving them, too. Happy Spring! xoxo