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Free Printable Play Doh Valentines

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These free printable Play Doh Valentines are perfect for little (or BIG) kids to pass out to friends. They're another good non-candy alternative for love-day treats this year. Download the Play Doh Valentines below.

Valentines for Play-Doh Cans
"Doh" not you know I want to be your Valentine? Not going to lie, the verbage on these is a bit Yoda-esque, in my opinion. But, it's a PUNNY little way to hand out a can of Play-Doh for Valentine's Day. Download your free printable Play Doh Valentines below.

Play Doh Valentines

Valentines for Play-Doh
'Tis the season for fun and creative class pass outs for Valentine's day! And these free printable Play Doh Valentines certainly land on the top of the creativity list. They're a non-candy way to spread some LOVE this season. And who doesn't love a fresh, new can of Play Doh (I can practically smell this Valentine through the screen)?!

Putting Your Play Doh Valentines Together

Class Valentine Ideas

Party Sized Play Doh

For these printables, I used the "party size" Play-Doh cans, since chances are, you'd have to buy quite a few for a class party. The party-sized ones are significantly cheaper and sold in a pack. They are also these labels are a bit little. But that also makes them pretty cute! I also used a 1" punch. You can totally cut them by hand, but the punch is a great way to do these super fast (and not lose your mind in the process).

Class Valentines
Just cut your labels into strips first if you use a punch to cut them out.

Play Doh Valentines
  • I just rolled up a piece of tape to attach my labels to the tops of the cans.
  • I also made these without a "to" part. I feel like my kids' classes lately have requested that the "to" part of a Valentine is not filled in so it's simpler for pass-outs. I completely understand this, however, I don't like the blank space glaring at me. So, on this one, I just left it off. 

Download these Valentine Printables:

Free Valentines

More Class Valentine Printables

Class Valentine Printables


  1. Love all of these darling ideas! Can't decide which one to make for my "adopted" grandkids! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Is there anyway to get the valentine playdoh in a jpg or png file?

    1. Hi there! Unfortunately, I only have these available in the pdf file at this time. <3