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Free Printable Olympic Games Matching Activity

Today's post is sponsored by Bounty. I'm a member of the Quicker Picker Upper Crew. 
All opinions are mine alone.

Today, I'm sharing a free printable activity celebrating the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
If you're having friends over to watch the games, keep the kids entertained with this fun matching/memory game. It features most of the sports involved in this year's Olympic Games.

Who is ready to watch the Olympic Games? My family and I can't wait. My boys really enjoy watching all of the sports involved...but swimming is always their fave. To make the Rio 2016 Olympic Games even more fun, this free printable game is perfect for the kiddos at your viewing festivities or Olympic themed party! Download yours below.

For the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Bounty has teamed up with one of the quickest women in the world, Olympic Sprinter and Four-Time Gold Medalist, Allyson Felix.

Allyson Felix is quick on the track, but she’s also quick at home because she uses Bounty paper towels, which helps her clean up messes and spills in record time. Be sure to have Bounty (the Quicker Picker Upper) on hand for your Olympic-themed party and fun...they make prep work and after party clean up a breeze!

And don't forget to get the kids in on the action at your festivities with this fun matching/memory game. It's a great activity to get them familiar with a lot of the sports involved in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

My boys are loving this one...such a fun game for any age.

Be sure to also set up drink or snack stations for the kids at your Olympic-themed party, too. Those little athletes need to stay hydrated and fueled, too! 

Don't forget the Bounty!

(it's a two-page bundle that automatically downloads)

Printing this game on card stock works the best. Just cut the pieces a part and play!
You can use as many or as few pairs as you like, depending on the ages of the kids playing.

Happy Olympic Games Season! May your party take the gold.

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