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Free Butcher Beef Cuts Print

This free Free Butcher Beef Cuts Print is the perfect touch for any kitchen. Because, let's face you really know where all of the cuts of beef are located on your cow? This print is a little bit vintage and a whole lot beefy (and well, my readers have also been calling it farmhouse, which I know a lot of you love). Download your free Butcher Beef Cuts Print below. It's available in three size options and multiple formats.
Beef Cuts Printable

Seriously, y'all, I've always wanted a Butcher Beef Cuts Print...with the ol' cow all chalked-lined into her cuts and labeled nicely. It also makes me feel like a rockstar knowing where a sirloin or shank is. I can really be a real show-off with this kind of beefalicious knowledge at hand. Plus, these make for perfectly practical kitchen decor that's kind of a no-brainer. Grab your own free Butcher Beef Cuts Print below in your favorite size.

Free Butcher Beef Cuts Print

These kind of printables are the timeless ones, y'all. My mother had a butcher's cuts etched cutting board on display in her kitchen for well over 30 years. And I wish she hadn't sold it in a garage sale, because I'd still be displaying that thing today (at the time of the garage sale, I wasn't as into decor as I am these days). Not only is this printable fun, graphic, and kitshcy, but it's also useful. These are the legit parts of a cow. I did a bit of homework as I created this particular design. I am well-versed in cow cuts these days. I'm now considering a pig cuts one, as well. Who is up for that?
Free Butcher Printable

How to Print Your Butcher Beef Cuts Print: 

I felt like the chalkboard background was the only way to make this one. I feels like it's straight outta the local butcher shop, right?

  • You may download your preferred size of this print below.
  • This print is available in three sizes (all suitable for framing):
    • The 8x10" printable prints onto a letter-sized page for trimming and framing. The 8x10" size is the one I recommend the most...the lettering on the smaller parts (like the cow's shanks) are much easier to read on the 8x10", rather than the smaller ones. But I know a lot of you love those smaller sizes, so they are definitely available for you, too.
    • There are two versions of both the 5x7" and 4x6" printables. 
      • The PDF formats have two of the smaller sizes per page. The PDF ones are simple to print at home on a letter-sized page.
      • There are also 5x7" and 4x6" JPEG formats, too. You can print them like you would a photo 
  • The chalkboard background is built in to the actual design. For the PDF formats, you'll just print onto white paper or card stock. To save ink, use your DRAFT mode on your printer (since it's kind of a weathered chalkboard look, it won't affect its finish). 
  • For JPEGs, print like you would a photograph (again, the chalkboard background is built into the design). You can even upload to your favorite photographing printing company.
Butcher Printable

If you ever have any downloading issues of any kind, feel free to drop me an email. I can send your print directly to you, if you're having technical issues.

As I mentioned above, I'm thinking about also doing a pig printable of this nature, and possibly a chicken? If you are interested in those styles, let me know in the comments section. But, for now, below are a few similar-styles of printables.

More Butcher Beef Cuts and Other Kitchen Art:

Farmhouse Cow Printable

Need Tips on Downloading or Printing?

Be sure to check out my complete video tutorial below. It  covers how to download and print your printables from I Should Be Mopping the Floor or other quality printable blogs. There are instructions for either a Mac or a PC. You can print on your home printer or even upload to your local printing shop. If you have any other questions, please refer to my thorough, step-by-step post here on downloading and printing your printables. It also includes budget-friendly, at-home printer recommendations.

Now, good luck butchering that cow. 


  1. Thank you for the cutest print and so different than the usual. I have the perfect spot for it.

    1. Oh I'm so happy to hear that, Treva! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. I really like this printable because it's so unique and perfect in a farmhouse country kitchen!

    Thanks for joining us this week at the Wake Up Wednesday link party! Hope to see you again next week!
    Kate |

  3. Thanks so much for sharing beef cut guide. Had it for long time but lost it when changed computers. This will be nice hanging in kitchen after painting finished finally. Have wonderful weekkend

  4. I am so bummed. I got a "Drop Unavailable. This account has exceeded its data transfer limit for this period."

    1. Thank you for letting me know, Ella. Let me check on that. It should be unlimited. I apologize.

    2. I was just able to download, so I think it's okay. If you want to drop me an email, though, I can email it to you! ;) ishouldbemoppingthefloor[at]gmail[dot]com.