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New Pet Essentials Checklist

Today's post is sponsored by Bounty. I'm a member of the #QuickerPickerUpper team, but all opinions are mine alone. #NationalPuppyDay

Welcoming a new pet into your home sometime soon? 
This new puppy essentials checklist is perfect to get you organized and ready to welcome your new furry friend.

While our Chloe-girl is, indeed, not a new puppy...we've definitely been down that road of bringing four little paws into our home for the first time. Sometimes we get so excited about welcoming a new "little one" that we forget to prepare. I remember when I was in college and my roommate and I both got Golden Retriever puppies...we were so excited to get them home that we didn't get a thing for them. We had to make an emergency run to the store to grab whatever we could think of (my sweet Golden passed away a couple of years ago...but she's the one who taught me how to be a pet owner!). I thought the below Puppy Essentials Checklist would be perfect for all of you thinking of getting a new pet for your own home. 

Some of these things may seem like no-brainers, but since I've been a dog owner for quite some time, I thought I'd put some of my own personal ideas here.
1. A Sturdy, Stainless Dog Dish | I prefer these bowls with the rubber ring around the bottom...they're very difficult for a playful pup to tip over or try to haul off (still full of water) as a chew toy. Stainless also lasts a long time and cleans up very easily. I clean mine with a sheet of Bounty with Dawn and a good rinse.
2. A Good Leash | Starting leash training early is a makes walks so much more enjoyable for years down the road. 
3. Puppy Training Pads | These were a lifesaver for us when our dogs were pups. We house trained them in this manner. These type of training pads are designed to draw pets to use them for their business. We pulled ours closer and closer to the door...until the pup knew to go to the door to be let out to do their business. 
4. A Baby or Pet Gate | Another lifesaver for us...that we still use! To keep dogs confined to a smaller area while we were either away or at night, we'd use a baby gate to keep them in their own area (usually a laundry room or other tiled area). It eliminated worry about whether someone was chewing on a sofa or rug while we weren't around.
5. A Pet Crate | We crate trained a couple of pups and found it to be very effective. Getting the appropriate size is important. If this is something you decide to do, be sure to visit with your vet about crate-training resources and information.
6. Chew Toys | So much better to have doggies chewing on toys rather than shoes or furniture. I also like to get a sturdier toy that won't get shredded or destroyed within  a day or two.
7. A Good Bed | After a few years, we discovered having two doggie beds for our Chloe is even better. We keep one in the laundry room, where she sleeps, and one in our family room where we spend a lot of time. Having that one in the family room has kept Chloe off of the furniture and in her own comfy space. While I don't mind pets on the furniture, my husband doesn't love it. This has been the perfect compromise and everyone is happy...and comfortable.
8. Bounty Paper Towels | When pet mess cleaner is needed, Bounty is the trusted paper towel for the job. Because pet messes will happen. Whether it's a tinkle or a spilled water dish, Bounty is perfection. 

Getting your first pet is messy but it’s also memorable. With Bounty, you get to enjoy more of life’s firsts per roll. Bounty Paper towels are 2X more absorbent so you can tackle more pet messes and the roll can last 50% longer. 

And of course, after lots of puppy-training, be sure to reward your new little buddy.
Click here for my easy recipe for Homemade Dog Treats. 

Now that Chloe is a bit older, this is about as messy as she know, collecting dust! HA! But, even if she does get a bit untidy, I know Bounty will always be there to help us out. 

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