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Easy Cabinet Hardware Installation Trick

A big thank you to ATG Stores for bringing us today's post.
ATG Stores have provided hardware and more for our makeover.
All opinions are my own.

This easy cabinet hardware installation trick is invaluable when you're adding pretty new knobs to your kitchen. It makes the job easy and flawless, too. All you need is an empty food box and a pencil.

The new house is starting to feel like home, y'all. The room that has gotten the biggest makeover so far is the kitchen (I knew if I didn't get it done before we moved in, I might not ever get to it). We've been living in the new place for a couple weeks now, and we are really happy with the new kitchen space. Today, I'm sharing the niftiest trick to installing kitchen cabinet hardware. It simplifies it big time. Check it out below (AND, I'm telling you all about our vintage hardware, too!).

Not going to lie, we all got a kick out of the middle-of-the-door pulls that were originally in place. They were kind of quirky...just like this house. But, I wasn't completely sad to see them go. And honestly, some of the upper cabinets have large doors...making it somewhat difficult for not-so-tall-people to reach those pulls. We removed them all, filled them with wood filler, sanded and painted the cabinet doors. 

And while this post isn't the full kitchen reveal (we have a farmhouse sink that I can't WAIT to show you...along with loads of fun, new lighting and other goodies), I did have to throw this pic in to show how far we've come and how wonderful the new, shiny hardware looks. We went with an overall chrome and frosted glass hardware look. All of our kitchen "jewelry" is from ATG Stores (they have an amazing selection!). 

Seriously, y'all. These glass cup pulls and knobs have my whole heart. We have white upper cabinets and light blue lowers...and I think the hardware looks great on both colors. Check out all the amazing hardware and more at ATG Stores.

 I selected Lew's Hardware Glass Bin Pulls and Lew's Hardware Mushroom Glass Knobs (both from ATG Stores). Seriously, is there anything better than vintage glass hardware, y'all? I'm in love with this stuff. These also have the shiny chrome on them to tie them into both our hinges and lighting, too.

To install the knobs, I used an empty pancake mix box. A cereal or pasta box would work, too.  

Personally, I wanted my knobs 1 1/2 inches inside of the cabinet moulding in the bottom corner on the side the door opened. 
So, I measured my first door and marked with a pencil.

Then I predrilled that first hole. 

Then, I grabbed my empty box and cut along the corners, to use the front of the box, the bottom of the box and the side of the box. I saved the rest of the box for the opposite doors. I did tape the bottom corner to make sure it was secure.

I lined the template corner up with the bottom corner of that predrilled door. 
Then I dipped a toothpick in just a smidge of paint and went through the predrilled hole to mark the template. Then I actually used my drill on my template to make that hole. 

Now, the template was ready to use on the other doors that opened the same direction (you'll need to repeat the process for doors that open the opposite way). To use the template, simply line it up in the corner of the cabinet (flush) and use a pencil through that hole. It will be the exact same on every single cabinet! EASY! 

You can actually use it on the bottom cabinets, too...just turn it upside down and it's still measuring the exact same as the top. 

After you've marked your door, simply pre-drill and then attach your hardware with a screwdriver. I don't recommend a drill or driver on these...you could strip your screw pretty quickly. It's fairly easy to use an old-fashioned screwdriver.

Perfectly symmetrical knobs...every time.
Don't these look pretty, y'all? I'm loving them.
Knobs save the paint on my cabinets, too...no fingerprints and excess scrubbing to remove them.

I do not have an exact template for the cup pulls, but they sort of make their own template. 
I just lined them up in the middle of the drawer and marked the two posts. 

 After drilling, just insert the posts and attach the screws from the inside of the drawer.

Frosted glass pull perfection, y'all. 

Again, there is an incredible selection of cup pulls, knobs, and more at ATG Stores. 

Our pretty chrome hinges are also from ATG Stores.

Isn't it amazing how different this exact same spot looks? New paint, resurfaced countertops (tutorial coming), and of course...that pretty, vintage hardware! We kept the exact same cabinets to save money and they've turned out great. Any "working" issues they had were all solved with the new hinges.  

Have you thought about updating your cabinets with new hardware?

Check out the amazing selection of hardware and more at ATG Stores.


  1. Thanks for the great tip. I plan to use it in the near future.(I hope)
    You chose beautiful hardware.

  2. I LOVE those knobs, they are so pretty!! I do need to install hardware, my cabinets don't have any. At least I won't have to fill any holes, LOL

    1. Exactly! Our last house never ended up getting hardware...it was like that for nine years! ;) And yes...those holes are a pain. Thanks so much, Lisa!

  3. Your lower cabinet color is simply dreamy! What a simple, yet awesome tip. Thanks!

    Stopping by from Link Party Palooka

    1. Thank you so much, Natalie! I really appreciate that!

  4. Love the 2 tond cabinets, as well as the knobs! Beautiful!! I will have to check out that store. I don't believe we have one in my area!

    1. Thanks so much, Brooke! I was able to order online...I'm in the same situation as you! ;)

  5. Great tutorial! I purchased hardware for my kitchen cabinets a few years ago, but haven't installed them yet. I purchased a template to help me install the knobs. But, I've discovered that the cabinets are hung a little unevenly! So, if I install the knobs in exactly the same place on each door, they won't be even! Not sure what to do! So, my cabinets are without hardware!

    1. I somewhat have that issue, too...having new hinges helped with that a lot. I just used the template and they still look good...they're spaced far enough apart that the millimeters of difference doesn't show! ;)

  6. Love your new hardware, and also the painted cabinets! LOVE the lower color, but also love the top being white.

    1. Thanks so much, PJ! I knew it was a little risky to go with two colors, but I'm really happy with the outcome.

  7. Swoon- I would LOVE to add some pulls to our cabinets. This place certainly did have a great selection.

  8. What a difference! I love the hardware you picked and the color of your lower cabinets!

  9. Great tip! Love the color you wanted your cabinets and don't get me started on those gorgeous pulls. Very nice!
    Marie, The Interior Frugalista

    1. ooops, that should have read "painted" your cabinets. Time for another coffee!

    2. Thanks so much, Marie! I really appreciate that! xoxo