i should be mopping the floor: February 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Inspiration Monday

Hey friends! Hope your weekend is going well. Are you working on any fun projects? We've been working at the new house...AND I have a fun post for you FROM the new house. It's a luxury shower head giveaway>>>
We've just installed these in the new place. Now, you can win one for your shower!

And now it's time to PAR-TAY!

With all the green, gold, and rainbows we are seeing everywhere, you know St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. Today, we are featuring six adorably easy-to-recreate projects just in time for the holiday!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

It Is Well With My Soul Free Printable

This It Is Well With My Soul Free Printable is perfect for your spring decor.
It's made with layer after layer of watercolored flowers and a fun handwritten font.

It Is Well With My Soul Free Spring Printable | 8x10 Instant Download
I had made this hymn into a printable years ago and now it seems to have disappeared to who knows where. It's one of my favorite hymns...we sang it at my Aunt Margaret's funeral years ago and that's when I really knew it was a favorite of mine. The words bring comfort...and a peace that truly does surpass all understanding. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

20+ Free Handwritten Brush Fonts

These 20+ Free Handwritten Brush Fonts are perfect for just about anything. Use them for printables, framable quotes & art, vinyl, crafts, and more. They're so swirly, twirly, and just plain lovely. 

These 20+ Free Handwritten Brush Fonts are perfect for just about anything. Use them for printables, framable quotes & art, vinyl, crafts, and more. They're so swirly, twirly, and just plain lovely.
Handwritten brush fonts are all the rage right now. I have to be honest...this is a trend I adamantly resisted for a long while. I was the design editor of my high school newspaper in the mid-90s. We had about seven fonts at our disposal for laying out The Edition in good ol' Pagemaker. (Any other design nerds out there remember Pagemaker? I learned it when it was Aldus Pagemaker...in its pre-Adobe days, y'all. CRAZY.) One of those fonts at our disposal was Brush Script. I loathed Brush Script. Everyone else loved it. And overused the heehaw out of it. It wasn't pretty. I would spend way more time than any teenager should changing headline fonts before we put the paper to bed each month. I couldn't handle even a smidge of that bulky, over-used, "hand-written" font (those bunny quotes are purposeful, y'all). Thus began my 20-year hate of all things brush-fontish.

Obviously, things have changed a bit. These current marker-looking fonts are now uber cool and actually designed quite nicely to work with. I love to mix and match them...like a scripty one with an all-caps makes my heart pitter-patter. Brushish fonts have found their way into my life, y'all. I probably need to go buy apology gifts to my high school newspaper staff for thinking their taste in fonts was total junk.
I've rounded up over 20 of my favorite handwritten brush fonts below. Download your faves and have a handwritten blast.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Create a Spa Shower in Your Own Home

A big thank you to Aroma Sense Luxury Shower Heads for today's post & giveaway.
All opinions are my own.

I have such a fun (and RELAXING) treat for you today....
an awesome GIVEAWAY and sharing how to create a spa shower in your own home! 

To say life is stressful right now is an understatement, y'all. Full-on renovation of the home we just bought, still working full-time jobs, and of course we still have kids and activities and all that excitement going on. I'm kind of over the whole "let's buy a fixer upper...it'll be fun" thing. It is fun. But, it's eXhAuStInG. After working all day in the house with painting and texturing and all that stuff...we're pretty much filthy by the time we're ready to go home. We got to where we started bringing clothes to the new place so we could shower up before heading home. And y'all, it's now a full-on SPA before we go home. Check it out below (with a GIVEAWAY for you!).

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Inspiration Monday

Welcome to the Inspiration Monday party, friends! We've been up to our elbows in paint at the new place for the past week...if I never see another paintbrush again, it won't be too soon. Fingers crossed we move in within the next ten days. I'm so ready to not be in the transition phase, y'all. But, I will be posting my first post from the new house this week, y'all (hint: there's a fun giveaway involved for you, too!).
Now, let's turn this day into a FUN one with loads of inspiration! IT'S PARTY TIME!

The features this week were chosen by Meegan from What Meegan Makes.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Free Printable Easter Bunny Silhouette

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This Free Printable Easter Bunny Silhouette is available in two fun designs below and several size options. They're super simple, but those designs always seem to be a reader favorite. Plus, who doesn't love the Easter Bunny, right? These are perfect for your spring and Easter decor. Grab your favorite Easter Bunny Silhouette below.

Easter Bunny Printables
Hey, hey...hippity-hoppity, the Easter Bunny is on his way! I'm so excited for Easter this year. We *should* be all moved in to the new house and able to celebrate our first holiday there! This Free Printable Easter Bunny Silhouette is perfect for your Easter fun...be sure to grab your favorite version below. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tips

I constantly get asked for a post on painting cabinets. Ironically, I had posted one on my other blog over a year ago. I think it's fitting to bring it over here this week...because guess what I'm up to right now at the new place? Yeah...I said never again. I truly didn't think we'd be moving again anytime soon.

Now that we're on kitchen #3 of painting our own cabinets (and countless friends' cabinets, too), I've concocted a few tips of my own to share. Honestly, I'm pretty pleased to say that almost three years later and this kitchen in this post still looks as fresh as the day(s) it was painted...there's only one little chip in the whole kitchen (and that was from a glass shattering). 
Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tips  
I've painted cabinets in lots of homes...and helped several friends along the way with theirs, as well. While I have to admit, this is, quite possible my least favorite painting job {it's not for the faint of heart}, it's definitely something lots of us tackle. Hoping these kitchen cabinet painting tips I've compiled over the years will help you when you take on your own cabinet painting! Read below for more>>>

Monday, February 15, 2016

Busy Morning Vanilla Berry Smoothies

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These Busy Morning Vanilla Berry Smoothies are the perfect way to kickstart your day...even if you're in a hurry. They're the perfect blend of berries and YUM!
Busy Morning Vanilla Berry Smoothies | Freezing yogurt in ice cube trays makes this recipe a breeze!
We're entering into a new phase of life, y'all. As I mentioned in this post, we bought a new house in the neighboring town. However, our kids will remain at the same school where they've been for the last six years. 

Our current home is across the street from our school. I've, literally, never navigated a crazy drop off line...at least not the car version! My kids have walked to and from school the last few years...and to be completely honest, half the time, I'm still in my jim-jammies when they head out the door. Those leisurely mornings are coming to a screeching halt, y'all. When we move in two weeks, the alarms will start earlier and mornings will be a bit more hectic. But, I do have a plan to still make breakfast a priority. Check out my recipe for Busy Morning Vanilla Berry Smoothies below.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Inspiration Monday

Happy heart day, y'all! Hope you're enjoying a LOVE-ly day and fantastic weekend. We've had spring-like weather down here lately...so wild! How are things where you are?

Loads of awesomeness at last week's party...check out the features below:

Friday, February 12, 2016

Free Printable Spring Watercolor Banner

This Free Printable Spring Watercolor Banner is the perfect way to welcome the warmer weather. 
Download yours below and get ready to say buh-bye to the winter blues.

If I'm being completely honest, we really haven't had much of a winter here in Texas (at least not where I'm at). Fall is basically running right into spring in these parts. But, I've had many friends in other parts of the country talk about how ready they are for spring...sounds like non-Texans have had a pretty brutal time of it this year. Grab this fun Free Printable Spring Watercolor Banner below to welcome spring into your home!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Texas Chopped Chicken Salad

This Texas Chopped Chicken Salad recipe was created with my mother in mind...a woman who invented chopped salads way before they were even a thing. And also...who doesn't love a good chopped chicken salad?

Chopped Chicken Salad
Growing up, my parents always made me choose the side salad over the fries, or potatoes, or whatever the side options were with my meal on restaurant menus. It gave me a good love for salads early on. My mother always ordered one, too. As soon as our salads came to the table, she requested a steak knife and got to work, y'all. You see, she just couldn't handle lettuce that was larger than bite-sized. She'd cross chop that salad up one side and down the other...including any tomatoes, cucumbers, or onions that she deemed inappropriately large, too. When she was done, nothing on that plate would be larger than a bite...and it was super easy to eat. I feel like she invented the chopped salad before they were even cool. Grab my take on this salad style with my Texas Chopped Chicken Salad recipe below.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Kickin' Crockpot Kielbasa

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All opinions are mine alone. #GameDayParty #CollectiveBias
The following content is intended for readers who are 21 or older.

This Kickin' Crockpot Kielbasa is perfect for all of your gatherings. It's a mix-and-throw recipe (mix it up, throw it in the Crockpot). Those are my fave, because they're easy! This appetizer has a delicious kick that you can dial up or down to your taste preferences.
I know I'm totally riding the coat-tails of a big game with this blog post, but I'm so ready for the fun March brings with my favorite sport: basketball. Football is fine and all that...but I've never been one to get that into it. Basketball is my jam, man. It wasn't always this way. My husband is the one who got me into basketball games...we met during spring and dated through a lot of game-watching fun.

Check out this delicious Kickin' Crockpot Kielbasa recipe for all of your basketball watching fun.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Inspiration Monday

What a week...hope you're having a great weekend and getting ready for the big game tonight! I made a fun announcement on Friday...we purchased a new-to-us fixer upper that we're about to start tackling from head to toe. 
We started yesterday with paint...we have a lot more to do before move-in, and then it's full force crazy mode! But, we're super excited! Click here to tour the house.

We also have a fabulous party for you this Super Bowel Sunday!
The features this week were chosen by Laura from Inspiration for Moms.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Adventure Awaits Printable & Our New Home

This Adventure Awaits Printable is the perfect printable to go along with our new adventure...a new home. It's a fun, quirky, fixer upper that we are head over heals in love with...an adventure in every sense of the word. Download this printable and take a little tour of our new digs below. 

Something a bit CrAzY happened yesterday, y'all. We started a brand new adventure. It's one that's been in the back of our minds for a long time. We've set aside a little here and there thinking one day we'd look for a new home that could not only accommodate us, but my parents, too...at least down the road (not quite yet, though). I know this sounds a bit WILD. But, we have prayed for a while as we've watched my parents age since we moved down to this area almost nine years ago to be closer to them. 
It stinks watching your parents age. Dad turned 80 in December. But my mother's health is what has concerned us most lately. I won't go into details...but it's hard on my dad to be her only caretaker (they actually live an hour away from any family...a distance that worked nine years ago, but is harder now).
When we started setting money aside for this, we never dreamed it would happen right now. We've always said "down the road". However, a momentary realtor.com binge (on my part as I was avoiding work!) led us to close on a new-to-us house this week and we plan to move in within the next month or so. This house seems like it was designed for the future situation we envision with my parents...so we hopped on it. In the area we are in, homes like this are so rare, so it was something we just couldn't wait on.
Plus...let's just get past the elephant in the room...this house is PREMIUM BLOG POST FODDER, y'all! It's like it was made for me to go in and do stuff to. Don't get me wrong...I actually LOVE so much about it, as is. But, it's been vacant for a few years and there are parts of it that haven't been updated since the 1970s. So, we're ready to tackle it head on, y'all. Check out our new adventure awaiting us below>>>

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

30+ Free Printable Valentines

These 30+ Free Printable Valentines are such a nice alternative to store bought. Your kiddo will have the most unique Valentines in their class. Printable Valentines are also fun to put together as a family project. Just print, cut, and SWAK (well, maybe not, but you know). Click through to these free printable Valentines below.

Free Printable Valentines
I'm sure it's pretty obvious, but I love me some printables. I thought it would be fun to round up the best of the best for printable Valentines from some of my friends out in the blogosphere. Some of these are so clever, y'all...seriously fun for the big day of LOVE. And hey, don't leave all the fun for the kids. These are always fantastic to pass out to co-workers, too (I mean...that whoopee cushion alone, y'all!). Click below for your favorites!