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Large Printable Lunch Notes

These large printable lunch notes are easy for little eyes to find in their lunch box!

Large Printable Lunch Notes: a larger size for littler hands and eyes to find easier! Perfect for your elementary or preschool kids' lunches.

I had a request to make a few larger sized lunch box notes for younger kiddos who can't always find the business-card sized ones in their boxes. These are significantly bigger and have super bold colors so they're easy to spot!

I'm actually sharing these over at the Rhodes Bake-N-Serv blog today...along with a fun semi-homemade lunch trick. Click here for all of the fun!


  1. Love these! Where's the link to print them??

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica! I just put in an email to my friends at Rhodes, so I hope that link will be working shortly (it's linked in the text at the bottom of the post). :)