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13 Free Swirly Fonts

These 13 free swirly fonts are kind of beautiful, y'all. You see, I have a love affair with twirly and swirly fonts and just can't seem to get enough of them. The below ones are my favorite twirliest and swirliest...and, they always bring a smile to my face! Download your favorite free swirly fonts below.

Free Swirly Fonts

If you love typography as much as I do, you'll love these fun and free twirly fonts thatI've gathered together. You can use them in crafting, vinyl projects, printables, and so much more. The possibilities with these pretties are endless. Download your faves (and mine!) below.

13 Free Swirly Fonts

Not only am I sharing these free swirly fonts below, I'm also sharing some usage tips, along with downloading and installation instructions. 
Swirly Fonts
You have probably seen swirly fonts (or ones like them), just above everywhere these days. The world loves twirly and swirly right now...and I'm a big fan of that. I think we all need a bit more loveliness, twirls, swirls, and prettiness in our lives. And if it comes in the form of typography, sign me up. Below, I've gathered some of my absolute favorite free swirly fonts for you to peruse. Most are cursive, but some are just really decorative print fonts, too. When you click on the name of each font, you will be taken to its direct download page. Each of these fonts was created by a different designer. Be sure to read the designers' Terms of Use on each font that you download (some are not okay for commercial use). 

Home Sweet Home Pillow

Swirly Font Usage Ideas

  • These fonts are gorgeous on invitations and announcements.
  • They'd also work beautifully on gift tags or labels to give them an upscale feel. 
    • On this post for Free Custom Labels or Gift Tags, I share how to use your own fonts on my free printable tags using your favorite word processing program. 
  • While not all of the fonts will work for this, several of the thicker, connected fonts make lovely fonts for your Silhouette or Cricut machines (as pictured above).
    • The font used on the Home Sweet Home pillow is Voluptate, which is available below.
    • Bromello is another great one for Silhouette or Cricut work.
    • Young and Beautiful would be lovely in this manner, too. It's a little thinner, so it may work better on larger signs and designs that don't require a ton of weeding. 
  • These fonts are great as accent fonts on presentations. They're a little too fussy for a lot of text, but they look lovely as dramatic titles.
  • All of these fonts are gorgeous on printables or signs you make by hand. Pair some of these Swirly Fonts with any of my Free Skinny Fonts for some great font combinations (see my examples of this below). All of those skinny fonts are print (rather than cursive) and will work beautifully with a dramatic swirly font.
Swirly Font Pairings
  • Above are some examples of those fun and flirty font combinations. Here are the fonts I used in these (swirly fonts and skinny print fonts are a match made in typography heaven):
    • You Make Life Wonderful
      • you make life: Bromello Regular Font (available below)
      • WONDERFUL: The Skinny (available on my Free Skinny Fonts post)
    • Butter Those Biscuits
      • butter: Voluptate (available below for downloading)
      • THOSE BISCUITS: A Day Without Sun (available on my Free Skinny Fonts post)
    • Always Wear Your Smile
      • always wear: KG All Things New (download below)
      • YOUR SMILE: Thin Skinned (available on my Free Skinny Fonts post)

Need Help Installing Fonts?

Installing fonts can be a bit intimidating if you've never done it before. Since I am a tried and true 20+ year Mac user, I'm sharing how to install these fonts on any Mac computer below. However, I know a lot of you are PC users. Font Spring has a thorough tutorial on installing fonts on your PC. It covers Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (this one includes a video tutorial), Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Installing Your Free Swirly Fonts on a Mac:

  • After you download your font, unzip its download folder (usually they land in your 'Downloads' folder, unless you have programmed your downloads to go somewhere else). To unzip, just double click on the .zip file and the unzipping process should begin on its own (it just takes a second or two).
Installing Fonts on a Mac

  • After your file has unzipped itself, you should be able to open the individual folder of that font (there may not be one, it may just be the actual file, in which case, you won't have to open a folder at all).
  • Double click the .ttf or .otf file (I always prefer .otf. or Open Type Format files when they're available; they can be manipulated or resized without compromising their quality. However, they're not always included in free font downloads).
How to Install Fonts on a Mac
  • After you have double clicked either the .ttf or .otf file, a dialog box should pop up for you, automatically.
  • Click on 'Install Font'. Your installation will begin on its own (it only takes a few seconds, total).
  • Be sure to check your Mac's Font Book to make sure your new font is in there (they're arranged alphabetically). You should be able to start using your new swirly font immediately in your computer's programs.
  • Can't locate the font in your application for use? Close down all of your running applications and restart your Mac. Then, relaunch your applications. Sometimes, fonts have a different preface before them, so if you still can't find your font, be sure to refer to your download folder for the font's proper name.

Swirly Font Downloads:

When you click on the name of each font, you will be taken to its direct download page. Each of these fonts was created by a different designer. Be sure to read the designers' Terms of Use on each font that you download (some are not okay for commercial use).
Bromello Font

Austie Bost All My Love Font

MA Sexy Font

Janda Stylish Script

Antrokas Font

Voluptate Font

Quickier Font

Sverige Font

Young and Beautiful Font

Claudia Jean Font

Janda Happy Day

KG All Things New
Easy November Font Download

Looking for More Free Fonts?

  • My Frilly & Girly Free Font Collection is another popular post with lots of goodies. These have a super similar feel to the swirly fonts.
  • My 25+ Free Typewriter Font Downloads include loads of great fonts that would pair beautifully with some of these swirly fonts, too. 
  • These Free Handwriting Fonts are always a hit!
  • If you love brush-style fonts, this collection of over 20 Free Brush Fonts is for you. I used to have an aversion to all things brush fonts, but with the newer, more stylish versions, I'm definitely falling in love with them (well, most of them).
  • These 10 Summer Fonts from Simply Clarke are really pretty ones.
  • I really love these Elegant Font Combinations from Finding Time to Fly. There is definitely an art to combining fonts. 
  • These 12 Free Wedding Fonts from The Shabby Creek Cottage are simply lovely.

Swirly and Twirly Fonts
Which of these Free Swirly Fonts is your favorite?


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