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Creating a Mason Jar Wall Organizer #organizingonadime

Looking for an inexpensive organizing system? Mason jars can help you get your stuff together and look super cute in the process. This Mason Jar Wall Organizer took less than an hour to create {not including paint dry time}. 

Click through to see the tutorial>>>

To give credit where credit is due: 
I originally got the idea for this from a Mason Jar Idea Round Up on Confessions of a Posh Mommy. Not sure that is where this originated...if you are the creator of the original version of this, let me know. I'd love to give you credit, too.

We weren't sure how the original was made, so we just made it up as we went along {as all projects seem to go around here...flying by the seat of our pants. Daily.}

This is our version and the tutorial that we concocted:

Besides the obvious mason jars and scrap wood that were used, we also used wood joiners and dryer hose clamps for attaching the jars to the wood. 

I slapped a coat of red acrylic paint on our piece of wood 
{that we had cut to size and sanded already}. 

After the paint dried, we played around with how many jars we wanted on the board. Originally we were going to do four, but that posed a problem with attaching the board to the wall on the ends. So we took the slacker route {rather than having to think on it too much} and just used three. Problem solved. 

We positioned the wood joiners on top of the clamps. 

Then just pounded them into place. We used two per clamp. There wasn't an exact science to why we used two. Other than the fact that I didn't want to be cleaning up glass shards of broken mason jar anytime in the near future. 

After we did the stress test {read: picking up the board by the clamp and shaking it around to make sure it was good and "stuck"}, we positioned the jar and screwed it into place with the mechanism that accompanies the clamp. 

Then we just positioned it onto the wall on top of the wall anchors we had already pre-drilled into place. If you're drilling directly into studs, you won't need the anchors.

I love the vintage feel it brings to the room. 

This is the BIGGER PICTURE. 
The Mason Jar Organizer is a part of my entire 


Neglect your chores like me and don't miss a thing:


  1. You are an organizer. I love organization. I can't function in unorganized situations. A little ocd.
    This is a really simple but cute idea. Thank you for sharing.

    We may have met by chance...but we become friends by choice.

  2. Genius! So making this.

    Thank you!!

    Christina P./


  3. So smart! I'd love if you'd link up to The DIY'ers.

  4. This is wonderful! The entire wall organization is very nice! I've thought about making one of these myself but never made it past the thinking stage. Yours turned out pretty with the pop of red too!

  5. OMG - love this! I have so many extra mason jars from projects! What a great way to organize some of the clutter! Pinning!

  6. Such awesome organization, I love your area here - very functional!Pinning!

  7. I really like the mason jar organizer, but I'm curious how easy it is to reach into the bottom of those mason jars. Have you encountered any issues with that?

    1. Hi Francie! Thanks so much for stopping by. I worried about that very same thing. Interestingly, it hasn't been a problem so far {the markers are easy to grab since they stick out of the jar and the push pin jar is full enough that reaching in hasn't been difficult}. I did place a plastic spoon on the shelf next to the organizer to use if I needed to "dig" anything out...but so far, I haven't needed it at all.

  8. I've always wanted to do one of these Kristi! I'm saving your AWESOME tutorial so I can make one later!!

  9. Thank you SO much for linking this up to our very first Moonlight & Mason Jars Monday! We absolutely love project... what a great use of mason jars! We hope you'll link up again tonight :) Have a happy Monday!

  10. Simple and useful idea.. I love it!