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Installation for Luxury Vinyl Floors

Our new Metroflor Konecto floors are in and looking GREAT. They've exceeded our expectations on so many levels. I thought I'd walk you through the installation process in case you're thinking of replacing your own flooring. {BTW, I highly recommend the Metroflor Konecto flooring we can be installed over almost any subfloor with minimum disruption. It's also GAWGEOUS!!}

If you'd like to see all of the before & after photos, click here.

While we are usually DIYers, Metroflor was very kind and sent a crew over to do the install for us. This worked out great...I was able to document the entire process and take it all in. And the three guys who came were AWESOME! The floors were complete in ONE day!

Goodbye & Good Riddance, Carpet!! 

An additional step that the install crew performed {that we wouldn't have been able to do on our own}: they cut into the bottom of the masonry on our fireplace so the flooring would slide right under. This is the difference between a pro job and our DIY jobs: when we installed Pergo into a previous home, we used white quarter-round around the fireplace. It stuck out like crazy {as in appearance-wise...not physically}. The way these guys did it made for a beautiful, seamless finish.


My new friend, Javier, is filling in imperfections in the cement with a cementitous patching compound.

More patching compound was used to fill in the holes from the tack strips.

 Smoothing the concrete with scrapers.

Transition metal pieces were installed prior to the flooring going down. They pulled out the old quarter round and installed new on top of the new transition pieces...loving the detail they used.

And the magic begins... 
Konecto represents the newest generation of high-quality floating resilient plank and tile flooring: 
the first to introduce a glueless, innovative Grip-Strip technology, which you can see being used here. 

In no time, they were almost done with the living area...I was blown away by how fast this stuff goes down. Awesome product.

Only a few little pieces left. 

After the all the planks were laid, they turned their attention to the transition pieces {these are the pieces that sit where the planks meet a different flooring surface in another room}. Our transition pieces were made of cork.

They slip into the track that was put down and then are {rubber} hammered into place. 

The quarter round goes on between the base boards and new floors...they are an obvious reminder that I desperately need to repaint my trim.

Oh, dust.
One thing that I was a complete idiot about was where I put my furniture during the install. Everyone told me to move it to the garage. But, I was a brat and threw a big stink about that. It's well over 100 degrees right now...which means even snakes and lizards are in dire need of getting out of the heat. I was terrified of some snake crawling into my couch and then staying in it once we brought the furniture back in. Did I mention I'm terrified of snakes? Yes. I truly think I'd much rather deal with a little {okay, a lot} of dust than snakes in the house.

 Um, yeah.

One last clean-up and roll with the big 100 lb. roller {this was used all day after large areas were complete}.


Again, can't say enough great things about this product. Konecto is built to last. Most collections have a tough ceramic bead finish that makes it appropriate for residential, multi-housing, education, retail, healthcare, assisted living, hospitality & corporate environments. If you'd like to find a retailer near you, email Metroflor at


  1. wow! love this floor! Do you think it is easy enough to put down for a diyer?

    1. Hi Daniela! Thanks so much for stopping by. I think this could definitely be done would probably just take more time. You may want to hire out certain aspects of it like the masonry cutting on a fireplace {if applicable}. Each of the boxes of planks came with a complete instruction booklet on how to install on your it's definitely designed to be able to go down that way. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Beautiful Floors! :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love me some hardwood floors. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by!

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