i should be mopping the floor: August 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Our Lunch Boxes: Week 2

Little man started preschool today, so we're back to making two lunches a day. Actually, I now do four lunches twice a week and my first grader buys his lunch on Fridays. (Monday my little guy is home, but he just thinks Bentos are great at home, too!). This is the run-down from the rest of last week and the first couple of days of this week.


Pizza monster (made with one of the Deli Flats bread): I place a slice of cheese in the middle to "adhere" the flat together, a little pizza sauce, pepperoni eyes, mushroom mouth with cheddar teeth and there you have it. Strawberries, bunnies, banana (with a "banana-gram") and milk.

Pizza Muffins! YUM! You can find the recipe here.
Animal crackers, egg (made in car mold) and cantaloupe stars

This little monster is all over Pinterest, so I had to try my hand at him, too! I used both Provolone & Cheddar slices for the eyes and adhered with cream cheese. (To make a perfect circle, no need to buy a fancy cutter...I use the "wrong end" of my cake decorating tips and the coupler, too. Works like a charm.)

Star-shaped sandwich (ham & cheese) with extra cheese stars, wheat thins stix, carrots, cantaloupe, cucumber and goldfish.

Getting a bit lazy & adding some store bought goodies here...but again with the yummy Pizza Muffins, cantaloupe stars & wheat thins stix.

Have a GREAT week!!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My First Bento Lunches

School started for us yesterday; well, for my first grader at least. Preschool will start for the 4-y-o next Tuesday. After getting heavily addicted to Pinterest this summer, I realized how much I loved the idea of Bento lunches for kids. I invested a bit this summer and bought some supplies to embark on my own Bento adventures. To follow my Bento board on Pinterest, click here.

I did quite a bit of research and bought both the easylunchboxes as well as a Lunch Bot Duo (thanks, Mamapedia for the deal on that)! I also purchased egg molds, picks, mini forks, silicone holders, fruit/veggie cutters and alphabet mini-cutters. I think I'm set!!

This was for day one:

Ham & cheese sandwich (divided with the "first grade" cut out of cheddar with my alpha cutters), boiled "car" egg, cantaloupe stars, grapes, carrots, cukes and strawberry yogurt. And....he ate every bit!! Score!

This was for day two:

Kind of an undersea theme: fish shaped ham & cheese sandwich, "starfish" cantaloupe, chocolate goldfish grahams, cukes & strawberry yogurt. Another empty container came home! Woohoo!

One tip I learned from a pro was to pack more than one Bento at a time. It was nice to have a break last night from lunch making, but now I'm excited to put the next two days together in a bit!

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Back-to-School Printables

Ready for some back-to-school love for your kiddo's lunch box? 
My NEW free printables are available for download:

For the pre-made messages (pictured above), click HERE.

For notes to fill in your own message (pictured below), click HERE.

These are PDF files to print at home. 
Happy Back-to-School!

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