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My First Bento Lunches

School started for us yesterday; well, for my first grader at least. Preschool will start for the 4-y-o next Tuesday. After getting heavily addicted to Pinterest this summer, I realized how much I loved the idea of Bento lunches for kids. I invested a bit this summer and bought some supplies to embark on my own Bento adventures. To follow my Bento board on Pinterest, click here.

I did quite a bit of research and bought both the easylunchboxes as well as a Lunch Bot Duo (thanks, Mamapedia for the deal on that)! I also purchased egg molds, picks, mini forks, silicone holders, fruit/veggie cutters and alphabet mini-cutters. I think I'm set!!

This was for day one:

Ham & cheese sandwich (divided with the "first grade" cut out of cheddar with my alpha cutters), boiled "car" egg, cantaloupe stars, grapes, carrots, cukes and strawberry yogurt. And....he ate every bit!! Score!

This was for day two:

Kind of an undersea theme: fish shaped ham & cheese sandwich, "starfish" cantaloupe, chocolate goldfish grahams, cukes & strawberry yogurt. Another empty container came home! Woohoo!

One tip I learned from a pro was to pack more than one Bento at a time. It was nice to have a break last night from lunch making, but now I'm excited to put the next two days together in a bit!

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  1. Great job on your first bentos. I decided to do them with my daughter starting Kindergarten (today!) so that I had something to focus on other than her growing up to fast! I am now following you at Pinterest. I just joined it recently and have been pinning away. I need all the inspiration I can get.

  2. did a great job. I just now have been noticing bento creations. A little inspiration is all I needed!

  3. Those are so creative & fun! I bet all the other kids were jealous..

  4. I just bought my son's bento for PreK {we did the laptop lunch}-and of course I had to buy one for myself. I still get all starry-eyed with back-to-school, even though I've been home with my kids for 5 years!

    Great ideas!

    If you have a moment today, please share this with my readers @Creative Juice Thursday. Hope to see you there!