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Free Bold Floral Bookmark Printables

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Summer reading season is almost here...and I'm READY! These free bold floral bookmark printables are ready to save your spot (as you go for a quick dip in the pool between chapters, right?). There are four fun and colorful designs that are sure to make you smile. Download these free floral bookmark printables below. 

Free Bookmark Printables
While I read year-round, summer tends to be when I really ramp it up. Between audio books in the car and a chapter or two before bed, I love a good summer read. And these bookmarks are here to freshen up your reading with fun and bold florals. They're perfect as gifts or just for yourself. Download yours below.

Floral Bookmark Printables

Free Bold Floral Bookmark Printables
You can see the four designs in today's bookmark printables above. They're all full of color and FUN!

Floral Bookmark Printables

Summer Reading Ideas

Bookmark Printables
I always enjoy sharing my favorite or upcoming reads (and hearing yours, too). Here is what I have ready for summer reading (including one re-read):

Bookmark Printing and Usage

Printable Bookmarks

Yarn Tassel

Mother's Day Printables
  • While using these bookmark printables just on their own is perfectly fine, you can also embellish and even protect them with a few fun bookmark accessories (as pictured above):
    • As I mentioned above, a homemade tassel goes a long way for cuteness with these bookmarks.
    • I design most of my free printable bookmarks to fit into these plastic bookmark sleeves. You can grab a pack here on Amazon.
    • And the sleeves work perfectly with these pre-made tassels, also available here on Amazon.
    • Another embellishment option is plain, grosgrain ribbon (preferable less than 1/2" thick). Simply cut a length of it and do a simple slip knot through a punched hole in your bookmark.
    • Or, you can certainly leave your bookmark as is for a simple look.

More Bookmarks to Print

Etsy Bookmarks
I recently added three new sets of colorful, printable bookmarks over in my Etsy Shop (pictured above). Feel free to check out:

Download the Free Floral Bookmark Printables:

Print-at-home bookmarks

Pink Bookmarks

More Printable Bookmarks

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  1. Thank you for the nice bookmarks. Do you have any for boys or men?