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15 Free Christmas Sweater Fonts

These 15 cute (and FREE) Christmas Sweater Fonts are here to make all of your Ugly Christmas Sweater printables, crafts, and correspondence fun and festive. These aren't your average holiday font designs...these all have a bit of a stitch or implied stitch to them. Download your favorites below.
Free Christmas Sweater Fonts
While a set of free Christmas Sweater Fonts is fairly specific, they're also really fun to play around with. If you're hosting a themed party, making t-shirts with a vinyl machine, or just wanting to add a bit of stitchy fun to your holiday goodies, these freebies are perfect for you. Download them all below.

Free Christmas Sweater Fonts

I've mentioned this in some of my other novelty font collections, sometimes "fun fonts" can feel like the cartoon Tabasco sauce ties of the 90s. They have their place, but can often be very overdone. So, I tend to shy away from them. But, used with care, I think a good, fun, holiday font can go a long way to spreading a bit of cheer. I've also including a couple of not-too-stitchy script fonts in the mix below...purely because they mix beautifully with all of the free Christmas Sweater Fonts.

Christmas Sweater Fonts

Why Christmas Sweater Fonts?

While a lot of folks attend or host Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, there are actually loads of ways to exhibit your ugly Christmas sweater fun this season...which led to a compilation of fonts that will work perfectly for themed creations in this genre.
  • In workplaces, there are often themed outfit days during the holiday season. Making a simple t-shirt with vinyl and one or two of these fonts would be a budget-friendly way to participate, without the investment into an actual sweater. Same goes for school theme days...my kids always seem to have some sort of ugly Christmas outfit day.
  • Having a bit of "ugly Christmas sweater-ness" during the holidays is always appreciated...on a mug, printable, or any type of merchandise. These fonts are perfect for those uses.
  • While not all, but a lot of these are definitely seasonal fonts, ones that you probably wouldn't be using everyday for documents and such. But rather fonts that feel joyful and add an extra bit of festive flair to an invitation, menu, card, poster, or whatever other print materials you create with them.
  • I think incorporating lots of holiday-specific color into your sweater font usage also ups the festive factor. Plus, that's always fun to play around with.

Ways to Use these Fonts:

Christmas SVG Fonts
While I often share pairing tips in font posts, today, I'm sharing some other ideas you can use with these fonts. But, honestly, these are *kind of* font pairing tips in their own way. I utilized my traditional approach of pairing fonts with thin strokes with their opposite. And I also played around with different weights of typefaces, as well. Both the above and below designs can be changed up and added to for extra personalization. Try to recreate any of them in a word processing program and add your own fun. Again, not all of the free fonts I'm sharing today are specific to the Christmas sweater look. Some (as in the "Let's above) are designed to work with the Christmas sweater fonts.

As I mentioned above, a holiday mug is a great way to incorporate these fonts. They'd be darling for a secret Santa gift, a party favor, or teacher present. Here are the fonts I used above:
  • Let's: Nickainley Normal (available below)
  • PARTY: Kingthings Xstitch (available below)

Christmas Party Fonts
And of course, an ugly Christmas sweater-themed card is perfect for any fan of this hilarious clothing tradition. The following fonts were used above:
  • wear theKingthings Xstitch (available below)
  • SWEATER: Xmas Sweater Stitch (available below)
  • sip the: Nickainley Normal (available below)
  • CIDER: Xmas Sweater Stitch (available below)
  • enjoy theKingthings Xstitch (available below)
  • SEASON: Xmas Sweater Stitch (available below)
Christmas Menu Idea
And if you are hosting anything of the ugly Christmas sweater sort, a menu is a lovely touch. The following fonts were used above:
  • MenuStitch Warrior (available below)
  • (all other text): Chocolate (available below)

Installing Christmas Sweater Font Downloads

  • I mention this in most of my font posts: I'm a lifelong Mac user (since 1997!) I honestly don't know much about how a PC works. But, after doing a little research, I located a great tutorial for you PC users on How to Install Fonts from Microsoft. It gives detailed, step-by-step instructions.
  • Since I do lean towards the Apple way of life, I'm happy to give my own tutorial on how to install these free Christmas fonts on a Mac. Follow my guidelines below:
How to Install Fonts

Installing Fonts on a Mac:

  • After downloading the Christmas sweater font of your choice, open your download folder (or wherever your downloads end up). 
  • Open the folder of the font (just FYI: in some cases, there may not be a folder at all, it may just be the actual font file, in which case, you won't have to open a folder).
  • Double click the .ttf or .otf file. I do prefer the .otf  or Open Type Format files *if* they're available, they can be resized and manipulated without compromising their quality. But, they're not always available. The .ttf file will still work just fine.

How to Install Fonts on a Mac
  • Once you've double clicked the .ttf or .otf file, your dialog box will automatically pop up (as pictured above).
  • Click 'Install Font' and your installation should automatically begin (it takes about two seconds, total). 
  • Now, make sure to check your Font Book to make sure your new font is there. 
  • You can start using your new font right away.

Download Your Free Christmas Sweater Fonts Below

All of the sweater font downloads for Christmas are listed out individually below. A few things to make note of:
  • Click on the name of the font to be taken to its download page. There is also a link provided directly under the font, as well.
  • On each font's download page, you will also see the Terms of Use provided by the font designer. Please adhere to their policies, especially where commercial usage is concerned.
  • I also added a "This is my ugly Christmas sweater" sentence under every font name so you can see how the font looks using a lot more letters. It's fun to see the different ways fonts flow and connect.

Christmas Stitch Font
(please note, this font sometimes has the prefix of "CF" in your font files)

DashNess Font
(please note, this font sometimes has the prefix of "CF" in your font files)

Quirky Stitch Font
Free Fonts for Christmas

More Free Fonts Collections:

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