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Free Printable Valentine Stickers

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Today's free printable Valentine Stickers are perfect for all of your sweet notes this season. Use them for sealing envelopes with an extra heart for smiles when the letter is received. Or stick them anywhere a little love is needed! Download these Valentine stickers below.

Valentine Stickers
I love sealing an envelope with a sticker...even better when it's one that is perfect for the season. These red, pink, purple, black, and white designs have hearts as the centerpiece. Your recipient is certainly going to feel special when they spy one of these stickers on an envelope in their mailbox. Download these designs below.

Valentine Stickers

There are three different designs on these sheets of stickers. They really look great on a variety of envelopes with all of the colors included. 

Valentines Day Stickers

Sticker Designs

  • I do think the sticker with the black and white striped background is my favorite. It has a simple pink heart with a lace outline in the middle. 
  • There is also a design with pink and red hearts within hearts on a red dotted background.
  • The last design was a geometric heart with lots of different colors in it...almost stained glass-like. It's on a plain white background. 

Valentine's Stickers
You can see all of the different designs above. They are all on one sheet of stickers, with 12 stickers per sheet.

Happy Mail Stickers
Today's Valentine Stickers were inspired by the new set of Free Happy Mail Stickers that I published last month (pictured above). So many folks have asked for more stickers, so I decided to hop on it (and because, I love stickers, too!).

How to Print Your Stickers

Stickers for Valentines


Fiskars Circle Punch


  • After you've printed the stickers onto your sticker paper, you'll want to cut them into strips if you're using a craft punch.
  • If you're not using the punch, you can just cut them out on their outlines with scissors (smaller scissors work a bit better and give you more control).
  • I cut three strips of stickers.
  • I the strips just inside of the circle borders on the stickers, making it easier to cut them out with the craft punch.
  • I then run each strip through the craft punch to pop them out. The punch does take off most of the borders on these, so if you want to keep that on them, use scissors.
  • The sticker paper has a sheet to peel off the back to adhere them to your envelope or package.

Heart Stickers

Download Your Valentine Stickers

Valentine Heart Stickers

Free Printable Valentine's Heart Stickers

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