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Free Printable Happy Mail Stickers

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I absolutely love sending happy mail (which is really, any thoughtful note through the mail). And getting to label those notes with these Happy Mail Stickers makes them even better, in my opinion. Download your favorite version of these printable stickers below.

Happy Mail Stickers
Wouldn't you enjoy getting a note (or even package) through the mail with a Happy Mail Sticker attached. You just know it will be full of goodness. I think the small act of adding a little sticker like this makes such a fun difference...for both kids and adults alike. There are versions of this design in color and black and white.

Happy Mail Stickers

I am a big believer in old fashioned snail mail...sending cards to friends for no reason at all is the BEST! I have an entire drawer in my desk devoted to all things happy mail: from bright envelopes, cute stamps, confetti (used responsibly...or not!), and of course, stickers. My mom always sealed her cards with gold foil stickers. I like to replicate that, but in my own style. These Happy Mail Stickers fit the bill perfectly.
Free Printable Happy Mail Stickers
My favorite part about these? Print them at home whenever you need them. Wouldn't they be darling on invitations, too? I think a party invite definitely falls into the category of happy mail.

As you can see from above, there are two options:
  • full color stickers
  • black and white stickers

Happy Mail

How to Print Happy Mail Stickers

Printing Stickers at Home


How to Print Stickers at Home


  • After printing your stickers onto the sticker paper, you'll want to cut them into strips if you're using a craft punch.
  • If you're not using a punch, you can simply cut them out on their outlines with scissors (smaller scissors work a bit better and give you more control).

Free Printable Stickers for Envelopes
  • I cut three strips of stickers.
  • I like to cut them just shy of the circle borders on the stickers, making it easier to cut them out with the craft punch.

Happy Post Stickers
  • I then run each strip through the craft punch to pop them out.
  • The sticker paper has a sheet to peel off the back to adhere them to your envelope or package.

More Cute Stickers for Mail

If you'd like even more specific happy mail stickers, I created three more design options (both in color and black and white). Each of the following options is available in my shop for $2 a design:
Snail Mail Stickers

Download the Free Happy Mail Stickers:

Stickers for Happy Mail

Cute Happy Mail Stickers

More Free Printable Stickers

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  1. I love all of your work, but these are my favorite ever! :) so fun! THANK YOU!