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Free Pink Pumpkins Printables

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Today's free printables have two of the sweetest lil' pink pumpkins, set atop a blue and white plaid background. They're really simple designs, but perfect for the entire fall season. Plus, they're word-free, which I know a lot of you really enjoy. 

Pink Pumpkins
If you're a regular around here, you probably know that I'm a big fan of the color pink...especially paired up with blue. And honestly, the hotter the pink, the better. So, I couldn't let the season get away from me without a couple of sweet pink pumpkins tucked into a printable. This design doesn't have all of our usual frills and florals, but it's still very graphic and eye-catching (well, in my opinion, I suppose!). These are perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. Download your favorite size and format of these Pink Pumpkins Printables below.

Pink Pumpkins Printables

While there are only two actual pumpkins on these prints, they definitely are bringing their best PINK game to the table on these designs. I mean, I love a classic orange pumpkin, but the pink ones make my heart go pitter patter. There's a lil' pumpkin and a big one, perfectly seated on top of a classic blue and white plaid background (I'm not even kidding when I tell you I had wallpaper in this exact pattern and color in my house as a kid). These designs are a bright and fun way to decorate for fall.
Free Pink Pumpkins Printables
I tried really hard to grow pumpkins (along with a variety of other fall gourds) in my garden over the summer. I did really well with them until I went on vacation and heavy rains and naughty creatures came along. They were taken out by both powdery mildew and a squirrel friend who feasted on the ones that were already coming to fruition. I had plans to cover a few in blue and pink paint for the porch. But, alas, it wasn't meant to be. I'm a bit jealous of all of you actual pumpkin growers out there (I'm happy to trade for lots of fresh herbs!).

Sizes and Formats

This printable (pictured above in my 5x7" blue and white frame that I found here on Amazon) comes in the following formats and sizes:
  • 8x10" JPEG and PDF
  • 5x7" JPEG and PDF
    • The PDF versions in this size come with two designs per page so they can easily be printed at home on letter-sized paper.
  • 4x6" JPG and PDF
    • Again, the PDF versions in this size come with two designs per page so they can easily be printed at home on letter-sized paper.
Continue reading below for paper and printing information.

Coordinating Pumpkin Banner

Halloween Mantel
I specifically created today's printables to coordinate with the orange and blue pumpkin banner you see above. It will be a available on Friday as a free printable (and mantel "tour"). The pumpkin print is a small little centerpiece of sorts on my fall mantel.

How to Print and Use these Designs:

Fiskars Paper Trimmer
  • These designs are for personal use. However, if you do own a small shop or business and would like to sell the physical versions (no digital reselling is ever permitted), you may purchase a commercial license here.
  • As mentioned above, these printables are available in both PDF and JPEG formats. The PDF ones are perfect for simple, at-home printing. The JPEG designs can be uploaded to your local print shop and printed as an image or photo.
  • When printing your PDFs at home, be sure to use letter-sized white cardstock for the best results.
  • The 4x6" and 5x7" sizes have a small green border around their perimeter to make them easy to cut. Use scissors or a paper cutter. I love my Fiskars Paper Trimmer (pictured above) for these kinds of's very accurate and easy to use. 
  • I'm also sharing my nifty paper corner rounder and wooden block display below. 

Paper Corner Rounder
The paper corner rounder (pictured in action, above) is perfect if you don't want to use an actual frame. It dresses up the corners of your printable with a simple click and rounds them out nicely. I often display printables in one of these wooden block holders (also pictured above). Please note that only the 4x6" and 5x7" prints will work in these blocks...the 8x10" is too heavy and large for it. You can see how it looks in use, in the image below.

Printable Pink Pumpkins

Download Your Pink Pumpkins Printables:

Pink Pumpkins Printables

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