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Free Printable Cleaning Checklist Template

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Are you in spring cleaning mode? Or just need a bit of motivation to get going on housework? This free printable cleaning checklist template is here to help. It's ready for you to fill in with your own tasks and then check them off upon completion. It's simple and it works. Download your favorite version of this cleaning checklist template below. 
Cleaning Checklist Template
My mom was an avid spring cleaner. We're talking upended furniture (to vacuum undersides), a refrigerator pulled into the middle of the kitchen (to clean coils and floors), and every drawer emptied to be wiped out (and all of the contents thoroughly laundered/washed/wiped/purged). Even as a kid, it overwhelmed me. As an adult, I've had to simplify a bit to get (my version) of spring cleaning (or, really deep cleaning in general) completed in a timely manner. I'm sharing the simple list I use to complete this every year. And you can download your own cleaning checklist template to get going, too.

Cleaning Checklist Template

While I have a number of checklists and cleaning printables available here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor, I've never shared this specific list. It seemed too simple to me to share with's blank, pretty boring, and fairly no-frills in the design department. But, you know what's great about it? It works. It implements that "rule of six" I always talk about here (more on that below).

I'm currently in an online blogging class and I had a revelation the other day in the middle of a session...sometimes simple is the best way. So, I was inspired to put my ol' list system into a printable to share with you. 

Free Printable Cleaning Checklist Template

The Rule of Six

The Rule of Six pertains to the number of items on any given to-do list. 
  • They're specific and attainable tasks. 
  • The tasks do not get bogged down in the minutia (which is why they're attainable).
  • Every morning when I sit down to work, I write out my list of six things to accomplish (one is always read and respond to emails, just to give you an example). 
  • I cross off items as I go. 
  • If I don't complete an item, it gets bumped to the next day's list at the top. 
  • I also prioritize this list in order of importance. 
Prior to this system, I'd make these ridiculous 20-item lists that left me feeling like a failure because I never completed every item. Six is do-able.

How to Apply this Rule to Deep Cleaning

  • You may very well need to print two pages for this. And can even spread your tasks over multiple days.
  • These printables purposefully have six main "zones". Each zone has six tasks to complete. 
  • I did add a bonus zone to the black and white version since there was more space. 
  • Work one zone at a time until each task is completed before moving to the next zone.

Free Printable Cleaning Checklist Templates

Cleaning Checklist Template Designs

There are three designs available for you to use:
  • A "plain" black and white version is available for all of you no-frills-get-the-job-done-while-saving-printer-ink types. It has an extra zone with just four tasks (perfect for smaller rooms like half baths or laundry rooms).
  • The pink and navy blue list is my favorite. It's still pretty simple, but has a lovely pink punch of POW!
  • And the green and navy blue is another fun and cheerful one. 
If making your list as lovely as possible helps complete your tasks, go for the pink or green. You'll enjoy returning to your list for each task if you enjoy looking at it. 

Printing Your Cleaning Checklist Template

  • There are download links available below for each design.
  • After downloading, these PDF printables are ready to print onto regular, letter-sized paper.
  • If you prefer to make your list reusable, try laminating in these self-laminating pouches from Amazon. Then use the list with fine-tip dry-erase markers. Erase with a paper towel to use the list again.  
  • You can also frame your list in an 8x10" frame. Then use a fine-tipped dry-erase marker on the glass. Erase when the list is complete to use it again.  

Using Your Cleaning Checklist Template

How to Use a Cleaning Checklist Template
  • These templates are designed for you to fill in with your own needs. Their structure is what makes them work well for cleaning. But, you decide your own tasks based on your own spaces. 
  • As I mentioned earlier, these lists are divided out into zones.
  • You'll fill in each of your zones onto the lines labeled "A" in the above image. A zone is a room or specific space in your home. It can include whatever you need it to...a zone can even be the porch.
  • Under each zone heading, fill in your six (simple and attainable) tasks (labeled "B" in the above image). 
  • As you complete each task, check the bubble. Obviously, some tasks overlap a bit...while you're laundering linens, you can be doing other tasks. It's a pretty open-ended system.
  • As you complete each room, check the box. 
  • If you have larger rooms, you can divide each part of a room into a zone. For example, I'd separate my kitchen and breakfast room, even though, they're technically one room. Or if you have a really large living area, maybe it needs to be two zones (i.e.: sitting area or fireplace wall).

Download Your Cleaning Checklist Template

Printable Cleaning Checklist Template
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