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15 Free Hand Lettering Fonts

We all love the look of gorgeous hand lettering, but not all of us are skilled in that category (or, like me, you lack the patience). These 15 free Hand Lettering Fonts are here to the rescue. From printed to cursive, there are a few hand lettering fonts in this bunch that you'll love (I mean, one has hearts over the i letter...cuteness!). See all 15 of these hand lettering fonts below.

Hand Lettering Fonts
Not only do I have all of the links for you to grab all of these goodies, I'm also sharing some of my favorite tips for pairing fonts together (especially these hand lettered ones). See all 15 of these hand lettering fonts and check out my tips below.

Hand Lettering Fonts

I absolutely LOVE fonts, but it's definitely been a hot minute since I've put together a new collection of them. And these free hand lettering fonts are definitely some of my favorites right now. I went through and found 15 totally free (for personal use) fonts that incorporated all of the hand lettering traits that are so popular right now. Again, these are for personal use. If you do want to use them in a commercial manner, a lot of the font designers do provide options for licensing and commercial versions.

Font Pairing
As I mentioned above, I have also included a few helpful font pairing ideas and tips that work for today's selections. They're located at the bottom of this post...feel free to scroll down and check them out.

Below are some seriously lovely hand lettering fonts (all free. Some are great for pretty sign-making, some fabulous for making your own prints to frame and display. They'd ALL look stunning on invitations. You can also just print your faves out to use for home labeling (it's fun to take labeling up a notch, isn't it?). The possibilities are endless with these pretties.

Installing Your Free Hand Lettering Fonts

I'm actually a Mac user (since since the 90s...I sadly know absolutely nothing of how a PC works, y'all). But, there is a font installation guide for PC users here on Wikihow that can definitely do the trick.

To install these free fonts on your Mac (since this is what I use, I can speak to it the best), follow my tutorial below:

How to Download Fonts

Installing Fonts on a Mac:

  • After you've download your new hand lettering font, open up your download folder (or wherever you've downloaded your font to).
  • Now, inside that folder, open the folder of the font (there may not be one, it may just be the actual file, in which case, you won't have to open an additional folder).
  • Double click the .ttf or .otf file (I prefer .otf. or Open Type Format files if they're available, they can be resized and manipulated without compromising quality. But, they're not always available).
How to Install Fonts
  • Once you've double clicked the .ttf or .otf file, the above pictured dialog box should automatically pop up.
  • Click 'Install Font' (as pictured above) and your installation should automatically begin (it takes just a few seconds, total). 
  • Check your computer's Font Book to make sure it's there and you can start using your new font immediately.

Using Your Hand Lettering Fonts

  • I selected really clean fonts for this selection (meaning no rough edges or brush marks). This makes each font suitable for using with most vinyl machines (although some of them may be a bit more intricate to weed).
  • If you would prefer a more grunge or watercolor type of hand lettering font, be sure to check out my Free Handwritten Brush Fonts. They're a bit "rougher" and have that unique quality.
  • Again, be sure to check out each font designer's Terms of Use on the download page to make sure you're using the font correctly.  

15 Free Hand Lettering Fonts

Just click on the image or name below each font name listed below to be taken to the download site. Happy fonting, my friends!

Landy Notes Font
Landy Notes Font (pictured above)
Meghatone Signature Font
Winkle Font
 Winkle Font (pictured above)

Winter Creative Font
 Winter Creative Font (pictured above)

The Comic Struves Font

Mango Salsa Font
 Mango Salsa Font (pictured above)

Sweet Purple Font
 Sweet Purple Font (pictured above)

Homework Font
Homework Font (pictured above)

Sugar Caramel Font
 Sugar Caramel Font (pictured above)

Good Mood Font
 Good Mood Font (pictured above)

Bright Cheerful Font
Bright Cheerful Font (pictured above)

Heart Warming Font
Heart Warming Font (pictured above)

Cosmos Logic
Cosmos Logic Font (pictured above)

Amanise Font
Amanise Font (pictured above)

Winterfun Font
Winterfun Font (pictured above)

Hand Lettered Font Pairing Ideas

While all of the above free hand letterig fonts look lovely on their own, most are even better together (aren't we all better together, y'all?). Below, I've included some hand lettered font pairing ideas for you to put into practice on your own creations. The best piece of font advice I can give? Have fun with these fonts! But, there are a few rules of thumb for font pairing and usage to make them look STUNNING:
  • Try to avoid pairing two script fonts (especially these hand lettered ones) together. They're quite ornate in nature and would compete with one another. It would also be a little tough on the eyes. 
  • Pair a thicker, heavier weighted-font with a skinny font. This is always my best trick!
  • Pair a script font with a print font (combine this with the thicker/skinny idea and you've got a great thing going on).
  • I also like to do all caps with one font and pair it with a script font in all lowercase.
    • When I do the above pairing, I often do the script font on "top", allowing it to kind of sit on the all-caps font. The all-caps font acts as the perfect "base". You can see how I did that in the first font combination illustrated below (although the second combination is exactly the opposite, but still works).
    • I also used this method in the last example below, however, I sandwiched the caps font in the middle of the same script on two different words.
  • While this has nothing to do with font pairing, one thing I have to mention: please don't ever use ALL-CAPS with a cursive or script font (especially hand lettered ones). It's just really unfortunate to look at and makes my eyes hurt (both literally and figuratively, y'all).

Hand Lettered Font Combinations to Try:

How to Pair Fonts
The above combinations are the following hand lettering fonts:

Free Hand Lettering Fonts

More Free Fonts

Free Fonts


  1. Thank you so much for this download and explantation of how to add fonts to my Apple product. I’m only 57 and learned this when I was “today years old”! Hopefully it is the same on an iPad and I will be forever grateful for you and your freebies. ��

  2. Most of your links are not working to navigate around your patio refurbish. Half of them are sending me back to this page. I tried to see how you stained and etched the patio and that is one that isn't working. I also tried three others from your Texas Lamp Post page and those send me back here too. Just wanted to give you a head's up.


    1. Karen-- I really appreciate the head's up. I will take a closer look at it. I went through a web navigation last month and am still finding things like this. Thank you so much and I'm sorry for any inconvenience. xoxo