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Valentine's Day Bible Verse Printables

This post for Valentine's Day Bible Verse Printables contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

I've got two free Valentine's Day Bible Verse Printables for you today. They're a bit more modern than my normal print style, but I really think you'll enjoy their soft color tones, watercolors, and a bit of gold, too. There are two Valentine's Day Bible Verse Printables to choose from.

Valentine's Day Bible Verse Printables
The two verses depicted on these printables are some of my most favorite verses of all time. They're perfect all year long, really, but are especially lovely during the season of hearts. Download both of these (or just your favorite design) below).

Valentine's Day Bible Verse Printables

These two designs emit all of the Valentine's vibes. Since the watercolor polka dot backgrounds are soft and not overly saturated with color, I didn't include a non-background version this time around. I really feel like the polka dots anchor the thin gold hearts to the page. They seem to soften the overall feel of these printables.
Free Valentine's Day Bible Verse Printables
And the thin, geometric hearts keep everything light and simple, but I really think they add in a lot of interest throughout the overall design. You can display them together (as pictured above) or on their own. Or change them up whenever you feel like it. These would also make a really lovely wedding present, just frame and gift. 

While this hasn't been my norm lately, I have only created these printables in 8x10" sizes. The text on them seemed quite little when I tried to downsize to 5x7", so I scrapped that idea. Keeping them at the larger size makes the verses still very readable (which, of course, is the point, right?). 

They're both available in JPEG and PDF formats.

Valentine's Scriptures Included

The following two scriptures are the ones I chose to include on these printables:
1 Corinthians 13:13 Printable
Above on the more pink-toned printable with heart accents you'll find: "And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love." --1 Corinthians 13:13.

1 John 4:19 Printable
And on the above purple-toned printable with watercolor floral accents: "We love because He first loved us." --1 John 4:19.

Printing Your Valentine's Day Bible Verse Printables

  • Please note that both of these Valentine's Day Bible Verse Printables are for personal use only. Please do not recreate these to sell in any manner. 
    • You may use them in a church setting (your bulletin, facility decor, etc.). 
    • You may gift them, as well. This includes larger gifting situations like ladies' retreats, etc. 
  • Again, these printables are available in 8x10" sizes and come in both JPEG and PDF format options (both options available below for instant download).
  • You'll get the best results when printing your PDF prints at home using white, letter-sized cardstock to print on. Printing on regular paper generates a less-than-desirable outcome, color-wise. 
  • When printing at home, feel free to use either the NORMAL or DRAFT modes on your printer. Often, a DRAFT mode will create the striations of authentic watercolor pieces. I can't guarantee this for every printer, but it happens with most of them (plus DRAFT mode saves you a bit of ink). 
  • For at-home printing, simply print onto white letter-sized cardstock (as mentioned above) and trim the excess margins for your 8x10" frame. I do bleed designs just a bit beyond the actual 8x10" size so no white border pops into your frame. 
  • You can also upload the JPEG versions of these printables to your local print shop to be printed just like a photo.

Download Your Printables:

Valentine's Scripture Printables

Need Printing Help?

In case you're new (or just need a refresher) to the world of printables, be sure to check out my post on How to Print Printables for extra tips and tricks. That post also contains a complete video tutorial on printing at home or uploading to a local print shop.

Valentine's Scriptures

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  1. I LOVE these Scripture printables! Thank you very much for sharing them with us!

  2. Thank you so much!! These Scripture printables are perfect!♥

    1. You're so welcome, Julie! Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

  3. Thank you for sharing. You are very talented.

    1. Thank you so much, Annette! I really appreciate it. xoxo

  4. Thank you much. Really love the scriptures. I make greeting cards and often struggle with the sentiment. You help with that

    1. Hi Loriell! You are so very welcome! I am so glad that you are enjoying these. Thank you bunches for stopping by and sharing such kind words with me! xoxo