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Four Principal Appreciation Printables

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These Principal Appreciation Printables are just in time for National Principals Month (which falls in October). There are four options and lots of sizes to print off, frame, and show your principal how much you appreciate them. Grab these four principal appreciation printables below.

Principal Appreciation Printables
Did you know that October is (apparently) National Principals Month? My husband is a high school principal and I've, literally, gone his entire career without knowing this tidbit of information. But, it's super fun to have some time set aside to celebrate those hard-working principals. From elementary school to high school (I know this for a fact), any principal would enjoy a sweet Principal Appreciation Printable framed up and ready to hang in their office. These make the best keepsake gifts...any time of the year, really. But, they're especially great during National Principals Month. These four printables each come in lots of sizes and two formats. You can grab them HERE in my shop or see each of their individual design details below.

Principal Appreciation Printables

Okay, so some of you may be saying there's a month or celebration for anything these days. While I definitely understand that sentiment, I also think it's fun to celebrate everyone in some way, shape, or form. And a principal is a great person to celebrate! Being married to a high school principal has allowed me to see that this job is not one to be taken lightly. Over his nearly 17 years of principalling, I've never seen someone work so hard for some fantastic kids. My husband has served at both the middle school and high school levels as a principal. I can say with full confidence that this is a job I could never do.

You can grab all of these Principal Appreciation Printables (in several size options and two formats) in my shop here or directly through the button below. Or, you can scroll down through this post to see each and every design. 

Click Here to Purchase These Principal Appreciation Printables

Principal Appreciation
All four of the designs in this group of printables is put together in a fun, watercolor, school theme. The designs include a stack of books, a ruler, highlighters, and a notebook. All of them are laid onto schoolish-feeling graph paper as a background to anchor the designs to the page. (the graph paper makes a fantastic background since it doesn't use up too much of your ink in the printing process).

If you're wanting printables for other staff members, including assistant principals and anyone else on your school's faculty or staff, be sure to check out my Printable School Staff and Principal Gifts, too. And if you're wanting to honor and thank all of those wonderful teachers, my Watercolor Teacher Printables are actually my number one post of all time! Be sure to check them out, as well. 

Again, you can purchase this pack of Principal Appreciation Prints here in my shop

Sizes and Formats of Principal Appreciation Printables

  • These prints come in 8x10", 5x7", and 4x6" designs.
  • Each of these sizes is also available in JPEG or PDF formats.
  • For less waste, I make my 5x7" and 4x6" PDF prints into two-to-a-page designs. It makes them simple to print at home. 
  • The 8x10" PDF prints onto letter-sized white cardstock. Just trim and frame.
  • If printing at home, again, I highly recommend using letter-sized white cardstock for all of your PDF printables.
  • You can also upload the JPEG designs to your favorite photo-printing place and have them print just like you would a photograph. If possible, try to request a matte finish on these for the best results. 

Principal Appreciation Printable Designs

All of the designs are below.

A great principal is the highlight of the school.
A great PRINCIPAL is the highlight of the school.

Our PRINCIPAL really stacks up!
Our school PRINCIPAL really stacks up!

Hey, Principal! You Rule.
Hey, PRINCIPAL! You rule!

Our Principal is the Best
Take note! Our school PRINCIPAL is the best!

Again, purchase all of these printables here in the shop, or directly through the button below.

Click Here to Purchase These Principal Appreciation Printables
Please note, at this time all of these principal appreciation printables are for personal use only. Be sure to check out my Commercial Licensing page for printable packs that are available for you to purchase and resell (within terms of use).

Four Principal Appreciation Printables

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