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21 Free Teacher Fonts

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'Tis the season for all things back-to-school. And, these free teacher fonts totally fit the bill for a new school year. But, they're not just for teachers, y'all. These fun fonts can be used by anyone. But, I selected them because they're awesome for handwriting lessons, classroom decor, handouts, printables, and so much more. Download your favorite free teacher fonts below.

Free Teacher Fonts
You'll notice some of these are actual learning fonts (especially several of the cursive ones). They have all of the characteristics of the classic fonts to learn penmanship (including arrows for pen direction and handwriting lines). I'm even sharing below how you can create your own handwriting practice sheets in your word processing program. See all of the fun below.

If you're putting together a classroom or maybe a few handwriting sheets and lessons, these free teacher fonts are ready for your downloading fun. Several of them are workhorses in the penmanship department, too! Put them to work to make things a bit simpler for you.

Teacher Fonts

How to Create Practice Handwriting Sheets

Besides some fantastic free teacher fonts to incorporate into a classroom (or just for fun), one of these fonts does double duty and can create actual handwriting practice sheets right in your word processing program. Get your printer warmed up...you're going to love this little trick!
Free Handwriting Practice Sheets
  • I created the above handwriting practice sheet using the lined version of KG Primary Dots (available for free download below; be sure you download the lined version of this font to be able to use this particular feature).
  • Do this in any word processing program by simply tapping the space bar while you're using the font. It will automatically create row after row of handwriting lines. I changed my font size to 100 to ensure large, spacious, handwriting lines.
  • I like to select the lines and change them to a light grey color for practice sheets. You can go lighter or darker with the lines, as you see fit for your students.
  • Simply print and use these for handwriting practice.
  • To take it a step further, add in a KG Primary Dots letter or two at the beginning of each line to get the student started on which letter to practice.

How to Download Your Free Teacher Fonts

  • If you're new to the world of fonts and aren't familiar with the download process, I'm here to help. Well, I can definitely help if you use a Mac (that's what I use). If you use a PC, please refer to this tutorial on downloading fonts for your PC over at Font Spring.
  • For Mac users, after downloading your font, you'll probably have to unzip it before use. Double click the zipped file and it should automatically unzip itself.
  • Some of these fonts are contained in a folder and some will just be the file font itself. If they're in a folder, open it up to see which items you'd like to download (several of these fonts have multiple versions available to download and use).

OTF File Format
  • Each of these fonts will come in one of two formats: OTF or TTF. Either of these formats will work for you, but I do prefer the OTF format when it's available (as pictured above).
  • OTF, or Open Face Type fonts have more capabilities and are usually smaller files, in general. They're becoming more and more popular for their unique capabilities and smaller file sizes.

TTF File Format

  • TTF, or True Type Fonts are just an older-style of font. However, they are still very much usable. But, if the OTF is available, I'd go for that one.

Installing Your Free Teacher Fonts

  • Once you open the folder (if there is one), double click the file you'd like to download.
Installing Fonts

  • Click on the Install Font button (as pictured above).
  • Your font should begin to automatically download and your Mac's Font Book will open.
  • After installation, verify that you see the name of the new font in your Font Book. They should be in alphabetical order.
  • If you don't see the font for use in your application, be sure to check its proper name (either in your font book or its original download folder). Often, fonts may have a prefix that may make them fall in a different place in your font lineup, alphabetically speaking.

21 Free Teacher Fonts

You can click on each font name below to be taken to the download page for that individual font. Make sure to also check each font designer's terms of use. Most of these teacher fonts are fine for personal or classroom use, but may have some rules regarding commercial usage. 

By the way, my favorite of these fonts is the School Days Font. It's seriously adorable. Not all word processing programs have this capability, but I love to use both the outline and fill of this font in contrasting colors. AND, What the Teacher Wants also contains math symbols....sah-weeeeeeeet!

Again, click on font names to start the downloading fun!

Be True to Your School Font
Cursive Standard Font
KG Primary Italics
Imrans School Font
Friendly Schoolmates Font
High School Font
KG What the Teacher Wants Font
Life Lessons Font
Primary School Font
KG Primary Penmanship Font
School Days Font
PW Simple Handwriting Font
Learning Curve Font
Teacher Font
Penmanship Print
Kiwi School Handwriting
School Script
KG Primary Dots
5th Grade Cursive
Letters for Learners Font

Looking for More Free Fonts for School Use?

  • Be sure to also check out my 13 Free Traceable Fonts. There are a couple of repeats from these teacher fonts, but it's a more comprehensive list of handwriting-specific font downloads. Plus, they're all free!
  • And these 19 Free and Fun Cursive Fonts will also work for handwriting practice...simply use a really light grey color when printing to make them traceable, as well. Some would be fabulous for adults practicing nifty handwriting techniques.
  • And while this post is an oldie, it's still a goodie: my Ten Back-to-School Fonts (all free) have been a reader favorite for five years now. 
  • These School Fonts from A Typical English Home are a great list of goodies!
  • And these Back-to-School Chalkboard Fonts from Create Craft Love are awesome to create a few chalkboard printables. 

Free Teacher Fonts for Back to School
Which of these free teacher fonts is your fave?

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