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Ten Free Back-To-School Fonts

I've rounded up my favorite ten free back-to-school fonts. They're perfect for all of your school year projects, crafts, printables and vinyl fun. They also are perfect to use in your classroom decor. But, even though we're labeling these for school use, they work wonderfully for any setting, really. Download these free back-to-school fonts below.

Back-to-School Fonts
I'm calling to order (yet, another) meeting of the fontaholics anonymous friends. With all of the font round ups I've posted the last couple of years, I've discovered that there's a bit of a kindred spirit among all of us fonties. And here's a bit more fun: Ten Free Back-To-School Fonts to add to all of our overstuffed font books on our laptops, (let's face it, the 900+ fonts I have on this machine *may* have something to do with its slower pace...that gets slower by the minute). So as we send the kiddies off to school, here are some fabulous fonts to celebrate this special time!

More than Just Free Fonts

Not only are these free Back-to-School fonts super cute and fun, they are useful, too. Check out the handwriting practice page I made using one of these fonts below:
Handwriting Paper

How to Make a Handwriting Practice Sheet:

  • I created this simple handwriting practice sheet using the lined version of the KG Primary Dots font (available for free download below; make sure you download the lined version of this particular font to be able to use this fun feature).
  • Make this sheet in any word processing program by simply tapping the space bar while you're using the KG Primary Dots font. It automatically creates row after row of handwriting lines with every tap of the space bar. I changed my font size to 100 to ensure large, spacious, handwriting lines.
  • I also select the lines and change them to a light grey color for practice handwriting sheets. You can go lighter or darker with the lines, as you see fit for handwriting practice.
  • Simply print and use these as you see fit.
  • To take it a bit further, add in a KG Primary Dots letter or two at the beginning of each line to get the student started on which letter to practice.

Download Your Free Back-to-School Fonts:

The below fonts are available for free download. When you click on the name of each font, you'll be taken to a download page. Be sure to read through each font designer's terms of use before downloading each font. Most of these fonts are perfect for personal use. If you're wanting to use any of the fonts in a commercial manner, it's best practice to reach out to the font designer for licensing information.

KG Miss Kindergarten Font
Austie Bost Mud Pies
Learning Curve
KG Primary Dots
5th Grade Cursive Font
Back to School Font
Mickey's School Font
Janda Scrap Girl Dots Font
Austie Bost Chunkilicious
Love Ya Like a Sister

Looking for More Free Back-to-School Fonts?

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Do you have a favorite back to school font?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I love playing with fonts, too!

  2. Hi, I am new to all of this. What do I click on to download these fonts?

    1. Hi Brandi! When you click on the name of each font, you'll be taken to a download page. I hope this helps! Thank you bunches for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the fonts!