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Free Rustic Fonts for Fall

It's just one day past Labor Day and I'm going all autumn! These free Rustic Fonts for Fall are perfect for all of your projects this season. From crafts to vinyl, everyone needs a few good rustic fonts at the ready, right? Download all of these rustic fonts below.

Rustic Fonts for Fall
I feel like rustic and fall go hand in hand, right? I mean, bonfires, old flannel plaid shirts, worn-in's all so rustic and fall...and fantastic. These free rustic fonts for fall are the perfect little way to get creative this season...crafting, sign-making, any kind of fall creating. Download all of these rustic fonts below.

12 Free Rustic Fonts for Fall

Each of these fall rustic fonts has its own font designer. Below, you'll find each font's name. Simply click on the font name and you'll be taken to its download page (I use daFont for most of my faves and that is likely where you'll end up after clicking). Please be sure to check each font designer's terms of use that is available on the fonts' download pages. Some of these are okay for commercial use, some are only okay for personal use (you'll have to click through to see each individual terms). 

The rustic quality of these fonts is wonderful to work with on a variety of projects...especially during the fall season. I hope you enjoy all of these great freebies. Again, just click on the name of the fonts you like to download.

Download these Rustic Fonts (click on the name):

Promotion Font

Valencia Sans Font

Sketchy Font

Dry Brush Font

Appleberry Font

Bakery Font

Chasing Embers Font

Grutch Shaded Font

El Camino Font

Press Style Font

Madame Cosmetics Font

Shamber Font

How to Install these Rustic Fonts

  • If they're available, look for font files that end with '.otf' (Open Type Fonts) over the ones that end with '.ttf' (True Type Fonts). The OTF files are newer font files that contain both printer and screen font data in a single component...or, in layman's terms: they're a bit more user friendly. They work well on both PC and Mac computer systems. Before installing any of these rustic fonts, you'll probably need to unzip the file they are in first.
  • On most PCs, use your mouse and right click on the unzipped font file you'd like to install, and select Install.
  • On most Macs, after downloading the font file, locate it on your computer. Double click the file and the installation process should begin on its own. If it doesn't, look in the bottom right corner of the dialogue box that pops up once you've double clicked the font. There should be an Install button you can manually select.

Love Free Fonts?

Rustic Fonts for Autumn

Looking for More Fall Ideas? Check out my Natural Fall Tablescape in the video below.


  1. Thanks, however, several of these font downloads are demos and some have validation issues when you attempt to download them.

    1. Thanks so much. I actually have them all on my computer...just for personal usage only and to try them out. One of the things if it's a demo-type font is that just a few of the characters are different (like an exclamation would say "demo"). But, for personal use only, they're fun to play around with and mix with other fonts.