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Friday, August 10, 2018

Free Printable Monogrammed Note Cards

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These free printable Monogrammed Note Cards are the perfect personalized cards for correspondence. Their classic, blue, watercolor design gives your notes a lovely touch. Download your monogrammed note cards below.

Monogrammed Note Cards
I love monogrammed stationery. It's just timeless and classic. These simple monogrammed cards are great to keep on hand when you want to send a special note to a friend. They also make a lovely gift (see how I gift them at the bottom of the post). I have them available in letters A-Z for you below.

Free Printable Monogrammed Note Cards 

I feel like I'm on a major blue kick with my designs lately. If you saw Tuesday's free Blue Buffalo Check and Lemon Printables, you know I'm kind of on that classic blue wavelength. I hope you guys love these prints as much as you loved those!
Watercolor Monograms
These monogrammed note cards are available in all letters and sized for standard A6 envelopes. I keep a stack of both white A6 envelopes and kraft paper A6 envelopes on hand. I can just print out one of my greeting cards and send it anytime. This little system of mine has made me a lot better about correspondence. 

Monogram Stationery Rules (to be broken!)

Here in the south, monogrammed stationery has always been a bit of the norm. One rule that gets a little foggy is whether to use the initial for your first name or last name (in cases like this where you're just using a single letter monogram). The old standard was to use your first name's initial if you weren't married or younger than 18. After you became a married gal, or decided to go with a more mature monogram, you'd go with the first letter of your last name. Nowadays, I feel like the norm is, well...whatever you're comfortable with. I tend to print more single monograms for my last name's first letter, since I send most of my notes on behalf of my family. But, I do love to sometimes use my first name on a monogrammed initial piece. Go with what you like the best!

Monogrammed Stationery

How to Print and Use These Monogrammed Note Cards:

  • Download your monogrammed card here or below.
  • Print your card onto white cardstock paper (regular paper won't work for cards of this nature).
  • Trim your card out just inside the blue hairline (you can see it in the image above.
  • Fold on the faint line that marks the middle of the card.
  • Use with an A6 envelope.
Personalized Stationery
You can download as many of these 
monogrammed note cards as you like here.

Monogrammed Note Cards Make Great Gifts

You can see below how I packaged these up to gift to a friend. I printed out five of the 'H' monogrammed note cards to take to my dear friend, Hallie, who is having me over for breakfast this morning. I just paired them with envelopes and tied the package up with coordinating baker's twine. Hoping she enjoys them!

Monogrammed Gift Ideas

Looking for More Monogrammed Printables?

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

See my complete video tutorial below covering how to print your printables on both a Mac and a PC...on your home printer.


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