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Free Printable Banner Letters

This post for free printable banner letters contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

These preppy free printable banner letters are perfect for any kind of banner, really. They have an aqua and navy motif with a Greek Key pattern in the background. And, I've created several types of downloads to make using these letters as easy as possible. You can download the entire A-Z file, a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" set of letters, or just sets of letters that you may need for a specific project. Grab all of these free printable letters below and start creating some lovely banners.

Free Printable Banner Letters
I created this post with my husband in is his birthday! And since 'Happy Birthday' is a pretty popular banner...I included one of those banners with these letters, too (so you don't have to download the entire alphabet, if you prefer not to). You can download all versions of these free printable banner letters below. I can't wait to hear what you make with them.

Free Printable Banner Letters

We are banner people at our house. If there is a holiday, birthday, or celebration of any kind going on, you can bet there is a banner going up somewhere (and often in more than one place). 

For years, I saved an old-school foil-lettered HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner that I had grabbed at the grocery store probably in the late 90s. We used it year after year for birthdays...and had gotten to where we had to tape a few of the letters together. It was getting a little sad, really. So, I started making my own letter banners to just print when I need them...and now our birthday banners are a heck of a lot cuter (and with less tape, too). Grab your own free printable banner letters below and let the celebrating begin.

Free Banner Printable

Banner Options

Again, there are multiple versions of these free printable banner letters to download:
  • A-Z
  • Happy Birthday
  • letter pairs (so you can pick and choose)
I can seriously think of about a thousand uses for these printable banner letters. And the fun blue and aqua Greek Key pattern works so well with any decor. 

A-Z Banner Printable

See How I Used These Free Printable Letters in the Video Below:

Letters to Print for A-Z Banner

How to Download and Print these Letters:

  • Download your preferred set of letters (either the A-Z set, the Happy Birthday set, or the letter pairs) below. 
    • Need help downloading (or printing)? See my complete instructional tutorial here (it includes a step-by-step video, too).
  • Print your banner letters onto white cardstock paper. If you have visited this blog before, you know I'm a firm believer in the power of white cardstock...especially on banner printables. Regular copier or printer paper will curl on the ends.
    • I buy all of my cardstock here on Amazon for the best price around. 
    • No need for a specialty size, these free printable banner letters print onto 8.5x11" (letter-sized) pages to keep it simple.
  • Cut each pennant out around the outer navy line. In the video above, I used a paper cutter to make quick work of it (you can find a similar style of paper cutter here). You'll need to use your scissors on the points, though.
  • I've got tips on stringing your banner below.

Tips for Stringing Together a Banner

As I mentioned, banners are my thing. Here are some of my favorite tips, tricks, and items to use when stringing together your free printable banner letters:
  • Jute Twine is my preferred string for a banner. Baker's Twine is super cute, too, but only if your banner is shorter (four letters or less). It can't support the weight of letters as well as jute twine can.
  • There are two ways to attach your banner letters to your twine: hole punch or clothespins. 
    • If using a hole punch, you'll punch a hole on the top two corners of your banner letter (two holes per letter). Then string your twine through (I prefer for my twine to lay across the back of my letters, so I insert it from the front).
    • You can have a lot of fun with clothespins. I honestly think miniature clothespins are the cutest (and their weight won't affect your banner and the way it hangs). 
      • These natural colored mini clothespins (found here on Amazon) are always a good choice. I use them a lot on my banners.
      • These rainbow colored mini clothespins (found here on Amazon) are seriously the cutest ever.
      • Or, grab ice cream cone mini clothespins, similar to the ones I used in the video and last photo of this post, here on Amazon

Download Your Free Printable Banner Letters

You can see all of the different download options for these letters below the following image:
Complete Letter Banner

Whew. That was probably one of the more confusing download sequences I've put together. If you have any questions on it, drop me an email or leave me a comment. I'm happy to help. 

Happy Birthday Banner

More Free Printable Banner Letters


  1. Love the chalkboard banner.
    Love all your work.
    Thanks a million for sharing so generously!

  2. Thank you so so much for this!! It's been so useful for me and the designs are really pretty :)

    1. Hi there! You are very welcome! I'm so glad you are enjoying these designs. Thank you bunches for stopping by! Xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday Kristi! Enjoy your special day! Thank you for the free printable birthday cards!

    1. Hi Betty! Thank you so much! You are so very welcome. I hope you enjoy the printable birthday cards! xoxo