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Thrifted Blue and White Planter Decor

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It's Thrifty Style Team Day, y'all. I'm sharing my Thrifted Blue and White Planter Decor that I just added to our dining room. If you love a good blue and white planter, check out my finds below.
blue ceramic planter
Man, I love a nice, ceramic blue and white planter. I've dreamed of the gorgeous Blue & White Chinoiserie Planter from Ballard Designs forever, but at $200 a piece, I'm not that anxious to jump on it. However, at Goodwill last week, I stumbled onto three ceramic planters in the perfect hues...and for the perfect price! Check out my fun finds below.

Thrifted Blue and White Planter Decor

And, like I said, it's also Thrifty Style Team Day. All of my blogging friends are sharing their own thrifty links, as well...scroll to the bottom to see their fun, too!
Thrifty Style Team

Blue Dining Room
Right now, I've placed my blue and white planter decor in our dining room...for a fun summer look. Our table is so wide that I think these larger ceramic planters work well on it. 

Dining Room Decor

Not Just One Blue and White Planter

Y'all. I'm such a procrastinator. As of last week, I had no plans for my Thrifty Style Team post for May. I walked into my local Goodwill and stumbled onto the blue and white planter you see above (the one on the far left). I was elated. I had been looking for a planter like this forever. And there it was waiting for me. I picked it up and put it in my basket. Then I headed down one more aisle and spotted two more! I couldn't believe my luck. The initial one was priced at $8.99 and the other two were $6.99 each. While that's a bit higher than normal thrift store pricing, the fact that these can be well over $200 at Ballard Designs and Williams Sonoma, means that was a fantastic price. I scooped up the other two as fast as I could.

Table Runners

Blending a Blue and White Planter into Our Decor

Since the main color in our dining room is actually aqua, the royal blue on these planters wouldn't fit in like I'd prefer. I ended up layering them onto table runners to make it work a bit better. Adding both colors of table runners helps to bring the whole room together. I think it also helps give a more cohesive look to the table, since all of the planters are a bit different than one another. I grabbed both styles of table runners at Amazon:

Ceramic Planter
My Kalanchoe plants were ready to come inside from our back porch with things heating up here in Texas. They're still a bit wimpy (I probably left them out there too long), but I think once they're inside a while, they'll perk back up. Plus, I love the pretty hot pink color of the flowers with a pretty blue and white planter.
Blue Ceramic Planter
The pretty ruffled edge of the above blue and white planter has to be my favorite. 

Blue and White Chinoiserie Planter
I think the feet on the above blue and white planter are really neat! You seriously never know what you'll stumbled onto when thrifting. 

Chinoiserie Planter
Let's all say a little prayer that these sweet little Kalanchoe plants come back for me!

Ceramic Chinoiserie Planter
I usually keep clear, plastic planter saucers under these so they can easily drain, but I did pull them out for the photos. You can also see my Vintage Church Plate Wall in the corner of my dining room. It was another Thrifty Style Team post of mine.

Blue & White Pots
What do you think? Are you a blue and white planter fan?

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  1. I love your planters! They are adorable! I'm a sucker for blue and white too AND goodwill! Love that store! What a deal--I love what you did with them! The plants are beautiful. The whole room looks fabulous! LOVE IT!!

  2. Kristi, your table and home are so pretty; now I'll be noticing blues and whites!

  3. I am looking forward to getting out to some yard and thrift sales, all my indoor and outdoor planters look mighty sad. Not sure even paint can revive them. I'd be picking up the likes of yours in a flash if I came across them.

  4. What a great find! Blue and white is my absolute favorite combination, and I love the pink flowers you paired with them!

  5. Nice find! your table looks lovely! :)

  6. I love when I find things at a great price! Your table looks lovely with the pops of hot pink. Crossing my fingers for you at keeping your plants alive. (I am an awful gardener)

  7. Soooo beautiful and fun. Any kind of pink and any kind of blue is my fave color combo!! 💗💙

  8. Your dining room looks so fresh and alive with the blue and aqua combo and those fabulous planters you scored!

  9. what a score! I love the multiple pots on your table. Don't you love when you find something like that!

  10. Sometime Goodwill finds are meant to be! I love blue and white for spring.

  11. I'm so excited to see your church plate collection! I started a collection many years ago, and they have been packed away for a while - through two moves, anyway. I will be getting them out right away! I love your blue and white pots too - and also how you worked them into your scheme. I look forward to see what's next!