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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Clipboard Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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Looking for some fun Teacher Appreciation Gifts? These simple-to-paint clipboards are perfect and budget-friendly. Pair them with some fun teacher printables and you have instant (and practical) Teacher Appreciation Gifts. See the complete tutorial below.

Teacher Appreciation Clipboard
Who doesn't enjoy a cute clipboard, y'all? These dressed-up clipboards make the cutest Teacher Appreciation Gifts...and they're not difficult at all to paint. You can easily make a bunch of them for all of the teachers and school staff on your list for gifts.

Clipboard Teacher Appreciation Gifts 

Polka Dotted Clipboards for Teacher Gifts

I love polka dots and I love clipboards. And together, they're a simple (yet, adorable) gift! And they're easy on the wallet, y'all. See how to make these Clipboard Teacher Appreciation Gifts below. Grab the Rainbow Teacher Printables (with coordinating tags) here. 

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Clipboard Teacher Appreciation Gifts Supplies:

  • You'll need the obvious: clipboards!
  • Chalk-Style Paint (I love WAVERLY!)
    • Since clipboards are usually a masonite-type of material, you'll definitely want chalk-style paint so it adheres well to the board. Masonite isn't always paint-receptive, so chalk paint helps you in this area.
  • Standard Crayola Marker (I literally grabbed one from the junk drawer). If you want smaller polka dots, use a pencil's end with a fresh eraser.

How to Paint Polka Dots

Creating Your Clipboard Teacher Appreciation Gifts:

You'll actually use the wrong end of your marker to create the polka dots on the clipboards.

Painting Clipboards
Simply dip your marker's end into the paint and get a generous amount of paint onto it. 

Clipboard Gift Ideas
Then dab your marker's paint-filled end on your clipboard to form your dot. You'll need to reload your marker's end after every couple of dots. Keep going in a random (or not, your call) pattern. Allow the clipboard to dry for at least two hours before using it. 

Teacher Clipboard Idea
I put the process into a video, too:

Printables for your Clipboard Teacher Appreciation Gifts:

If you would like some fun printables to tuck under the clip of your clipboards, be sure to check out both my Rainbow Teacher Printables (featured in this post...they come with coordinating gift tags, too) or my super popular Watercolor Teacher Appreciation Printables (featured in the last photo in this post). Or, even my free Teacher Monogram Printables would be darling in these.

Teacher Printable Gifts

Looking for more ideas for Teacher Appreciation Gifts?

Watercolor Teacher Printables
Happy Teacher Appreciating, y'all!

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