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Free St. Patrick's Day Party Printables

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These free St. Patrick's Day Party Printables are perfect for photo booth fun at your St. Patrick's Day Party...or even for St. Patrick's Day dress up (kids and grown ups alike). It's the one day a year where we all get to be Irish, right? Grab your free St. Patrick's Day Party Printables below.

Photo Booth Printables for St. Patrick's Day
Top o' the mornin' to ya, friends! One last St. Patrick's day post for the year. But, I think I saved the very best for last. These free St. Patrick's Day Party Printables will be the hit of the party...or even the classroom or workplace. There is a little something for every lad and lass in this pack of prints. Download all of these goodies below.

Free St. Patrick's Day Party Printables

We all recently did our DNA tests...and guess what? Apparently, we're super Irish (with a name like Dominguez, we didn't exactly see that coming). My husband was more Irish than all of us, actually. With our newfound love of all things green and clovered, we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day extra big these days. And gosh, it's such a fun holiday to celebrate, anyways, right? These free St. Patrick's Day Party Printables are the perfect addition to any Irish celebration...whether you're super Irish or not. Just print, cut out, and celebrate. 
Photo Booth Photos
My family had such a great time with these photos...they're such good sports. We honestly had our own lil' mini celebration with these party printables during our photo shoot. We're ready to (SHAM)ROCK St. Patrick's Day...and now you are, too! Honestly, even if you're not having a shindig, these party printables would be fun to don at a parade, too. 

Party Printables

These Free St. Patrick's Day Party Printables Include:

  • 2 leprechaun hats
  • 1 "wig" with clover
  • 5 mustaches
  • 2 beards
  • 2 glasses
  • 3 word bubbles

Other St. Patrick's Day props to include in a photo booth:

Photo Booth Prop Printables

How to Use Your St. Patrick's Day Party Printables:

  • Download your St. Patrick's Day Party Printables below.
  • Print your props onto white cardstock. Regular paper will be too flimsy and thin for this and will cause the props to curl at the ends and not stand up properly in photos.
    • Grab white card stock here on Amazon. This is where I purchase mine for the best price I can find.
  • Cut your props out around their outer edges.
  • Hot glue small wooden craft dowels to the back of your props.
    • Again, you can grab these wooden craft dowels here on Amazon.
  • If you'd like, you can also punch small holes in the centers of the eye glass make them actually work (it's nice to be able to see!). Use a smaller 1/8" hole punch or even a nail hole for these.
  • Don't forget to have fun and act a lil' (or a lot) Irish!

Download Your St. Patrick's Day Party Printables:

St. Patrick's Day Party Printables

I Pinch Back
Watch out, y'all...this one pinches back! 
Pretty sure this word bubble was everyone's fave. 

St. Patrick's Day Photo Booth
Loving this sweet lad with the pots o' gold in his eyes!

More Printables for Your St. Patrick's Day Party:

Photo Booth Printables
Here's to having a St. Patrick's Day party that shamROCKS!

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

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  1. adorable Irish family pics :) Love it!

  2. a loverly bunch of coconuts - those Irish!
    looking good.

  3. Thank you so much. This was a fun post!

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  5. LOVE this!! So wish I had these when I did several St. Patrick's class parties a few years ago!

    1. Hi Kelley! I'm so glad you are enjoying these printables! I hope they bring you lots of laughter and fun during your St. Patrick's parties this year!

  6. Since this day is also my son’s birthday - the printables will make it even more fun. Thanks.