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Free Hoop Art Coffee Design

This Hoop Art Coffee Design post contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. 

This Hoop Art Coffee Design combines two of my favorite things: coffee and hoop art. How can you go wrong, right? I created a more hand-drawn feel for this particular coffee design. This free printable pattern is available for you to download for yourself below.

Hoop Art Coffee Design
Now that we're heading into spring, I was needing a new coffee design piece for my coffee bar area. Instead of a printable design, I thought Hoop Art Coffee Design would be a nice, cute alternative with lots of fun texture. Grab the free printable pattern for yourself below.

Free Hoop Art Coffee Design

Free Embroidery Pattern
I've wanted to do one of those hand-drawn type of embroidery designs for some time. This sketchy little coffee cup lid fits the bill perfectly. I added a bit of fabric to add color to the actual cup, too.

I used the following DMC Floss Colors on this Coffee Design:

Embroidery Stitches

This Coffee Design contains the following stitches:

  • Back Stitch (The Spruce has a great back stitch tutorial): 
    • used in lettering
    • used around coffee cup (doubled)
    • used to outline the lid
  • Chain Stitch (Sublime Stitching has a great chain stitch tutorial):
    • used on the green wreath
    • instead of one color of thread on this chain stitch, I separated my threads from two colors of green embroidery floss and then combined them for some unique variation (this was a reader tip that was on my leaf stitch tutorial). I used two threads of each color and separated, then combined them, as explained in my leaf stitch tutorial.
  • Satin Leaf (I have a thorough tutorial on embroidering leaves the easy way):
    • used on all leaves
    • also used the two colors of embroidery thread (as mentioned above)
  • Mini Rosettes
PDF Embroidery Pattern

This coffee design is for an 8" embroidery hoop.
I used white, polka dotted fabric as the base in my hoop.

Tracing Patterns
I actually printed two copies of the coffee design. On one, I cut out the coffee cup shape and traced it onto a scrap piece of fabric that would coordinate with my design. I used double sided fusible webbing to iron the coffee cup fabric onto the white fabric. After the coffee cup was in place, I laid the entire piece of white fabric on top of the other printed copy of the coffee design and traced everything out. 

Since I use these Pilot FriXion Pens, I didn't want to trace before attaching my fabric, since the magic of these pens is that steam ironing actually erases the ink from fabric. This really makes them the best sewing and embroidery pens. So, iron on your fabric first, and then trace the rest of the design around it.

Detailed Stitching
You can see in the above photo what the variation of the two greens look like in the chain stitch and leaves. You can also see how I did two back stitches side by side around the cup's fabric, to give it a more finished look. 

Coffee Design Art
And the back stitch in the lettering...
I did it in the brown since, well, coffee.

Finishing Hoop Art
After I finish stitching, I trim the excess fabric.

Hoop Art
And simply used fabric glue to add white felt (cut into an 8" circle) on top of all of my stitching on the back of the hoop.

Embroidery Book
If you're just getting started in embroidery, this is one of my favorite books that I refer to often. Not only are the designs fun, it has great explanations of quite a few popular stitches. 500 Simply Charming Designs for Embroidery is the perfect little stitch companion.

I also recently finished this Mother's Day Hoop Art. See how it came together in its video, below:

Free Embroidery Pattern
Hope you love this little hoop art coffee design! I can think of several spots I now need this one...but I still think it's going to end up in my coffee bar.

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  1. Cute! Have you ever used Sulky"s Fabri-Solvy to transfer embroidery patterns? It's so easy. You iron it on and then remove it with water once you're done. I discovered it on Amazon:
    Tracing sounds like so much work!!