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Free Printable Lollipop Christmas Ornaments

This post for free printable lollipop Christmas ornaments contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Tree Classics. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

These Free Printable Lollipop Christmas Ornaments are perfect for your tree. They have a fun vintage twist and are simple to put together (this is for any level of crafter or even non-crafter!). Grab the free printables for your lollipop Christmas ornaments below.

Free Printable Lollipop Ornaments
In our family room (you can tour the entire room here), we like a good, old-fashioned, multi-colored-light tree with our sentimental family ornaments all over it. This room is a bit out of the way, tucked behind the kitchen and away from all of the hullaballoo. It's kind of the "flop" room...with throw pillows usually all over the floor and blankets strewn about. But, it's also the room with a television where we can spend time watching movies together and feel a bit more comfy and cozy. I added my free printable lollipop Christmas ornaments to the tree in this space this year, to bring it some uniformity. Check out how it all came together below.

Lollipop Craft Ornaments
The thing about the tree in this room is that it is loaded with ornaments. We are ornament people, y'all. It's the first purchase I make on a trip and then we buy each one of us a new one every Christmas. So, we have...a few. So many that I had to get a larger tree this year. I'm in LOVE with our new six and a half foot Ontario Spruce from Tree Classics. Since it is such a hodge podge of alllll of the sentimental ornaments on this tree, I added in these large, graphic, free printable lollipop Christmas ornaments I made to give it a nice, cohesive look throughout the entire tree. They also play into my vintage look perfectly.

Lollipop Christmas Ornaments

Find out how to put together these whimsical ornaments below. You're going to love their pop of color...and how easy they are to assemble!
Easy Ornament Crafts

You'll Need the Following:

Lollipop Christmas Ornament Craft

How to Create Your Lollipop Christmas Ornaments:

  • cut out two of the lollipop rounds from your printable (you can download it here or below)
  • glue one lollipop "face" on each side of the styrofoam round
  • insert the dowel into the styrofoam round
  • let dry for a few hours
  • once the glue has dried, insert the lollipop into the cellophane bag (I cut off the printed strip on my bags)
  • tie with small strips of ribbon, leaving an inch or two of the bag

Free Printable Lollipop Christmas Ornaments
I don't hang these lollipop Christmas ornaments on hooks, but rather use them as picks all over the tree. You could even use longer dowel rods to make a stunning tree topper with a bunch of these lollipops coming out of the top of your tree!

Download Your Lollipop Christmas Ornaments:

Pinwheel Ornaments

Lollipop Ornaments
I'm really happy with how these lollipop Christmas ornaments tie this whole (super packed) tree together. I love how playful they look with the multi-colored lights on my Ontario Spruce tree.

Vintage Ornaments
To keep the vintage vibe going through the entire tree, I added the vintage-style bulb lights, too. I grew up with these as a kid and love them. I grabbed these HERE on Amazon.

Christmas Bubble Lights

Printable Christmas Ornaments
The tree has such a nice, colorful glow in the corner of the family room. I have several items from Tree Classics, including another tree that that was in our front room last year...see that here.

Vintage Lollipop Ornaments

Looking for More Printable Ornaments?

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

See my complete video tutorial below covering how to print your printables on either a Mac or a PC...on your home printer or at a print shop.


  1. Thanks for sharing the printable lollipop ornaments - it is really appreciated

  2. thanks for sharing! The lollipop ornaments are so cute!

  3. I grew up with Bubble lights also! There is nothing more I cherish on my tree than my Bubble Lights. Thank you for all the amazing downloads.

    1. Aren't they so fun?! Thank you for stopping by, Mona!