i should be mopping the floor: September 2017

Friday, September 29, 2017

Quilted Mug Rugs

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These quilted mug rugs were made with fall in mind...fun, coordinating fabrics all come together to make some pretty spiffy mats for your mugs. They also double as steeping toppers, too.

Make these sweet fall Quilted Mug Rugs with this simple, step-by-step, photo tutorial.
I think you guys already know that I'm a diehard Bigelow Tea fan. I have been for years. Remember that time I got to tour their headquarters and immerse myself in all things Bigelow? Now that was a good time, y'all. 

You know what else is a good time? Fall. Fall is a good time. Especially in Texas. I'm switching my iced Bigelow tea that I've made all summer for some cozy, comfortable hot mugs of deliciousness for the cooler months. Nothing beats a hot cup of Bigelow (keep the Constant Comment coming, y'all). Now that my kids are getting older, we all enjoy cups of hot tea. I made these fun Quilted Mug Rugs to not only serve as mats under our cups, but they also double as a quick topper to steep a mug full of tea when you're in a hurry.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

How to Sew Drapes that are Reversible

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This tutorial for how to sew drapes that are reversible is a practical solution for changing out your drapes seasonally. It also creates a really lovely look for your window treatments from the outside of your home. Check out my method for how to sew drapes that are reversible below.
How to Sew Drapes
I shared our master bedroom here a couple of weeks ago...but I just gave it a pretty significant update with these floral reversible drapes I created for this space. I made them reversible for several reasons...but honestly, now I want reversible drapes in all of our rooms. Check out this complete tutorial for how to sew drapes (reversible ones!) below.

Easy Fabric Pumpkins

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These easy fabric pumpkins have the sweetest frayed seam edges...giving them a vintage and rustic feel. They're the perfect beginning sewing project if you're just testing out your skills at the sewing machine. I even shared an option to use alternating fabrics for a whimsical look!

These easy fabric pumpkins have fun, outward frayed seams that give them a vintage, rustic look.  They're simple to make and budget-friendly, too.
I recently saw some cute pumpkins with outward seams (not frayed) at the craft store. They were cute, but I wanted to take it a step further. I couldn't find any tutorials anywhere for these, so I fiddled around and came up with my own.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Eight Watercolor Halloween Printables

These Eight Watercolor Halloween Printables are the perfect SPOOKY addition to your fall decor. They're the latest in my Premium Printables line of artwork for your home. They're not too scary...just crazy cute! Grab your set of watercolor Halloween printables below.

These Eight Watercolor Halloween Printables are the perfect SPOOKY addition to your fall decor.
These Eight Watercolor Halloween Printables will totally melt your Halloween heart with their cuteness. They are designed to be displayed together or on their own, too...tuck a few here and there around your home or office. Everyone will love their whimsical feel...with some subtle spookiness! 

(Pssst...commercial licensing is available on this set here.)

Or, see each individual design below.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fall Decor Ideas at Inspiration Monday

Today's features are Fall Decor Ideas and they are simply lovely, y'all. There is so much fall goodness in today's party...I can hardly contain myself. Such gorgeous autumn decor...it will leave you all dreamy-eyed and yearning for some cooler temps! Check out these Fall Decor Ideas and link up your own inspiration below.

Fall Decor

Get ready, y'all...these Fall Decor Ideas are going to make you feel all kinds of autumnal.

All of this fall fabulousness was selected by Christy from Our Southern Home! Check out each of these fall decor ideas below.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Free Fall Printable

This free fall printable is colorful and simple...
and a little bit different than traditional fall decor. 
Free Fall Printable | Colorful and fun GRATEFUL and THANKFUL printable that's perfect for fall decor.
 Nothing too over-the-top today...just a fun and colorful (and free!) printable for your fall decor. I used colors that aren't the traditional autumn colors, but I think they're super happy! Grab yours below.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Six Watercolor Pumpkin Printables

These Six Watercolor Pumpkin Printables are the perfect little bundle for all of my pumpkin (and pumpkin spice!) lovers out there. This is the latest set in my Premium Printables line of art for the home. Hoping you love these watercolor pumpkin printables as much as I do.

These Six Watercolor Pumpkin Printables are perfect for your fall decor...perfect for all of the pumpkin lovers out there!
Y'all...every single one of these prints has a pumpkin in it. I know pumpkin and its bottled spice counterpart can get a bad reputation at times, but I'm all about those two friends. Bring me all the pumpkin things. This bundle of six watercolor pumpkin printables is perfect for all of your fall decor.

(Pssst...commercial licensing is available on this set here.)

Or see each individual printable below.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Boxed Toiletry Bag

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All opinions are mine alone. #NatureMadeGummies #CollectiveBias

My Boxed Toiletry Bag is one of my favorite travel accessories. It's perfect for cosmetics, vitamins, and any smaller items that need corralling in your suitcase. Using several of them together works well since they stack so well against each other. See how to make one for yourself below.

DIY Boxed Toiletry Bag | This fun little sewing project turns into one cute little bag! Beginner level sewing. Complete photo tutorial.
This is a beginner-level sewing project, but having a bit of zipper experience helps. You can see my basic lined zipper bag tutorial here if you need a little practice with sewing zippers. Below is the complete tutorial for this fun Boxed Toiletry Bag.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Free Printable Candy Corn Gift Tags

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These free printable candy corn gift tags are a cute little addition to your Halloween treats. There are actually three different variations of this adorable gift tag below.

Free Printable Candy Corn Gift Tags | These fun Halloween tags are made with the iconic fall treat in mind! Four designs available.
September means it's time to roll out all things orange and black...and candy corn. Of course. Whether you love it or hate it, this iconic fall treat does hold its spot in pop culture Halloween fun. And definitely deserves a little free printable in its honor.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Vintage Fabric Pom Pom Pillow

This Vintage Fabric Pom Pom Pillow is so happy and cheerful...it makes me smile! 
And it cost me all of 75 cents to make, y'all.

Vintage Fabric Pom Pom Pillow | Make this cute, envelope, pom pom pillow with this simple-to-follow tutorial (she used a vintage Joan Kessler fabric, but any fabric will work!).
I made a little challenge to myself last month. I want to hand-make all of our Christmas presents this year. Well, for the most part...I'm not wrapping my brain around how to sew up an Xbox for our teenager, so the kids may luck out on the hand-made portion. But, for all of our relatives and such, I really want to go handmade all the way. I'm trying to start early since the main challenge I'm up against is time. 

This Vintage Fabric Pom Pom Pillow was made for a very special family member. But gosh, I like it so much I may have a hard time parting with it come December. See its tutorial below. AND...it's a part of this month's Thrifty Style Team series! My friends have some goodies for you this month, too.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Budget-Friendly Halloween Decor

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Halloween is just around the corner, y'all. I have decked out my kitchen with some budget-friendly Halloween decor...including an easy glitter pumpkin banner, a simple centerpiece, and bats galore!
Budget-Friendly Halloween Decor | Loads of fun touches for fall and Halloween that are perfect for any budget.
I have two main areas of my kitchen that I like to decorate seasonally. One is my built-in hutch that houses all of my vintage jadeite-colored dishes. The other is my coffee bar (AKA, the hardest working spot in our home). I swung by my local 99 Cents Only store and found EVERYTHING I needed for fun and budget-friendly Halloween decor. There is always something new and exciting at the 99. You never know what you'll find when you "do the 99" (shop at 99 Cents Only Stores)! Check out all of my decor below (with some simple tutorials on the pumpkin banner, bat decor, and cauldron floral arrangements.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Fall Bedroom Decor

I'm sharing some simple fall bedroom decor with you today, in honor of National Make Your Bed Day! While we're at it, I went ahead and snapped some photos of the entire room...since I had been dragging my feet on sharing our bedroom here in the new house on this site. And by "new house", I mean...we've lived here well over a year.

Fall Bedroom Decor Ideas | Simple touches for a little autumn in the bedroom.
Not only am I sharing bedding and bedroom ideas today, this is actually a blog hop! I've joined three super talented ladies in this National Make Your Bed Day celebration. We're all giving the scoop on our favorite bed and bedroom decor tips.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Free Printable Halloween Topiary

This free printable Halloween Topiary Art is the perfect little piece of whimsy for your fall decor. There are two mirror image prints of this below...so you can display them side by side, if you prefer. 

Free Printable Halloween Topiary | This fun and whimsical free fall printable is perfect for your Halloween decor.
Isn't this a fun one, y'all? I love printables...but some more than others. And this is one of those that has my heart. I have both copies of it hanging in my breakfast room (I'll show you on Tuesday!). Grab both versions of this free printable Halloween Topiary below.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Free Fall Printable Triptych

This Free Fall Printable Triptych is a pretty way to welcome in everyone's favorite season. Today's post is also a part of an inspiring Fall Ideas Blog Tour with 25 bloggers (and loads of creativity, y'all!). Be sure to swing by all the participating blogs (listed below) for all kinds of autumnal awesomeness.

Free Fall Printable Triptych | Download the free printable of three designs that are meant to be displayed together for a unique piece of art! Perfect for your fall decor.
Are y'all familiar with triptychs? It's usually a set of three art pieces, intended to be appreciated together. I've really been wanting to put one together here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor. And what better season than fall, right?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Free Texas Strong Facebook Timelines

These free Texas Strong Facebook Timelines are perfect to show your support for our state during this time of recovery and rebuild from Hurricane Harvey.

These free Facebook covers were a request from Jessica, a Houston, Texas reader. Jessica is always fantastic and I wanted to honor this request. Grab your free cover below...two designs available.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

30 Watercolor Fall Leaf Printables

These 30 Watercolor Fall Leaf Printables are the latest addition to my Premium Printables for Purchas...a lovely line of art for the home. All 30 of these prints are in one large bundle...perfect for your fall decor.

30 Watercolor Fall Leaf Printables | These 30 GORGEOUS and VIBRANT leaf printables are the perfect compliment to any fall decor. Download, frame, and display... (they are STUNNING displayed with all 30 together)!
I'm truly in LOVE with these printables. I worked to somewhat over-saturate the colors on these watercolor leaves to give them that beautiful autumnal look (that we honestly don't get much of here in the south...ha!). To bring a little color to all of us who aren't as lucky with the fall foliage, these 30 Watercolor Leaf Printables are perfect.


See the bundle's details below.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Free Printable Fall Mini Banner

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I make a small portion off of these links, at no additional cost to you.

This Free Printable Fall Mini Banner is the perfect little accessory for your autumn decor.

Free Printable Fall Mini Banner | Sweet little scalloped banner to make in any length you desire. Perfect to add a little fall to your home!
I loved my mini spring banner so much that was in this spot, I had to create one for the fall, as well. This little banner can be as long as you need it to be...drape it anywhere and everywhere!