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Free Printable Number Flash Cards

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These Free Printable Number Flash Cards are perfect for teacher gifts, classroom decor, back-to-school fun, and any kind of vintage-y vibe! These printable flash cards are not specifically designed for learning purposes, but would work in that manner, in a fairly basic way. They're really more for decor, though (the banner possibilities, y'all!). Grab your set of free Printable Number Flash Cards below.

Free Printable Number Flash Cards

I originally released these numerical Vintage Printable Flash Cards over on my friend, Mique's blog last year. I got so many requests for them over here (via my alpha flash cards), that I thought I would publish them over here, as well. Grab your set of Vintage Printable Number Flash Cards below. 

Free Printable Number Flash Cards

This set of Free Printable Number Flash Cards is a pack of three pages of cards, 12 cards total. Each card measures 3.5"x5". And the vintage coloring is built right into the design.
Number Flash Cards
I love vintage anything...but vintage school stuff completely has my HEART (I have an absurd amount of vintage globes, reading books, and "junk" that I've picked up at thrift stores over the years...I love it all). This set of Free Printable Number Flash Cards is a pack of three pages of various addition problems with a simple vintage finish. They're perfect to display or make into a banner. I've had many readers send in photos of how they make banners for their classrooms or school parties using both these number flash cards, as well as my Vintage Alphabet Flashcards.

How to Print Your Number Flash Cards

Download These Printable Number Flash Cards:

You have two download options available below the image.
Printable Numerical Flash Cards

Flash Cards to Print

Included Cards in these Printable Number Flash Cards:

  • As I mentioned earlier, there are twelve 3.5"x5" cards in this pack of free printable number flash cards.
  • The first page in the pack begins with 1+1 through 1+4 and the last page is 3+1 through 3+4.

Display Ideas for your Printable Number Flash Cards

  • In the photos you see here, I have used vintage floral frogs to display my number flash cards. I actually collect floral frogs whenever I see them. They are widely available at flea markets, antique shops, and thrift stores. I see them on eBay, too.
  • Stringing your flash cards into a banner is one of the cutest ways I've seen these displayed (several readers have sent me photos of banners they've created with these cards. To string your cards, use jute twine, miniature clothespins, or a 1/8" hole punch. The clothespins make it so you don't need to punch holes in the cards. Plus...miniature clothespins are the cutest, y'all.
  • These number flash cards would also be cute in frames, especially in a homeschool area or classroom. 
    • Use a piece of decorative scrapbook paper inside a 4x6 frame. Add a flash card on top of the paper (so the paper fills in the additional space in the frame). 

Free Printable Alphabet Flash Cards
Don't forget, I also have this similar set of alphabet flash cards. They're another free printable that you can find here. All 26 letters are available with simple (yet, adorable) illustrations. 

No. 2 Pencil Decorations
I also created this No. 2 Pencil vase that you see in this post (pictured above). It was a fun upcycle of a gallon-sized tin can and is super cute in a classroom setting. I shared the complete tutorial for it here on The Idea Room. There is a nifty trick to getting the lines super straight.

Looking for More Printable Flash Cards?

Flash Cards

Need Help with Printing or Downloading?

Be sure to check out my complete video tutorial below. It covers how to both download, as well as, print your printables on either a Mac or a PC (including paper selections, printer settings, and more). You can also find tips for printing on your home printer or even uploading to you local print shop. Need more printing help? See my complete tutorial here.


  1. I love your flash cards. Thank you.

  2. This is great!...I was just thinking I need to do this with my kids this summer! Thank you for the printables! Glad I found your site through the linky!

  3. Thank you for sharing your 'vintage' flash cards, appreciated.

    1. You're so welcome, Joy! I'm so happy you like them! xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness, I luv these vintage looking flashcards. What a great idea. I'd luv to invite you to share it with us at Wall to Wall DIY Wednesday!