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Budget-Friendly Road Trip Survival Kit

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It's definitely road trip season! We've already completed one as a family and the kids and I will have another one  later in the summer. With two preteens, devices are always their fave, but I certainly infuse non-screentime fun as well. Enter a Road Trip Survival Kit...with small surprises and activities to keep everyone entertained for a long day in the car. I shared my ideas and the free printable tags below.
Budget-Friendly Road Trip Survival Kit
I packed this road trip survival kit with activities, toys, and snacks...some are wrapped so they can be a surprise (because who doesn't love a good surprise, right?). The labels are designed to be fairly open-ended in the manner in which you decide to use them...label a surprise for each kiddo, label a time or destination in which a package can be opened, or do your own thing! Check out all of the details and grab the free printable road trip tags below.

Road Trip Survival Kit

Road Trip Survival Kit
Even as they get older, my kids really enjoy this kind of thing. The wrapped packages keep it really interesting, too. I opted not to wrap snacks (when you want a snack, you just want a snack). But everything did get a label (because at 10 and 12, they still argue over what belongs to whom). I mainly labeled everything with their names (although, I shared a few exceptions below). And I don't have too many rules...just every hour or so allow each kiddo to pick something out of the box to open. Again, this is a super open-ended activity...do it however you like!

Road Trip Survival Kit Ideas

Supplies for Road Trip Survival Kit

I shopped the dollar store for my items, keeping the budget in check.
  • small toys
    • I included a variety of items that can be used in the car or at a rest stop (or even for the destination).
    • Pool toys are awesome for when you arrive at the hotel for the night. And simple model airplanes are great for a rest stop.
  • notebooks
  • puzzle books
  • playing cards
  • stickers
  • pens
  • pencils
  • snacks
  • gum
  • plastic or wicker basket to hold everything (I like this one on Amazon)
  • wrapping paper (optional, but makes the journey that much more fun)
  • printable tags (available below)

Road Trip Activities
My kids have really gotten into sticker puzzle books, which are so practical for road trips.


Road Trip Printables
  • Download your free printable tags below. 
  • Print them onto white, letter-sized cardstock.
  • Cut them out and hole punch.
Road Trip Ideas for Kids
  • Wrap a few of the gifts to make it more interesting (even snacks are that much more fun in wrapping paper).
  • Tie tags to each item.
  • You can label your tags for each child or maybe with a time to open them. There are lots of possibilities.
Road Trip Snacks
  • I opted to leave the bumpier or non-box-shaped items out of wrapping. 
  • Just tie on a tag and they're good to go.

Printables for Road Trips
  • As I mentioned above, these tags are pretty open-ended! You can set a time for each item in your basket, if you prefer. Or label with family members' names.

Easy Road Trip Ideas for Kids
  • Or, you can even designate some of the items for certain parts of the journey (as pictured above). Hotel pools are always the highlight of a road trip for my kids...the diving torpedoes will be the perfect toy for that time of day when we're all ready to take a dip.

Entertaining Kids on Road Trips
  • Just pile everything in the basket and hit the road.

Free Road Trip Survival Kit Printables
Keeping everything corralled in the basket makes for a  much tidier back seat, too. You can even tuck in a grocery sack for trash and wrapping paper.

Download Your Tags:

Road Trip Labels

Budget-Friendly Road Trip Survival Kit for Kids

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  1. That is such a great idea! I need to do something like this for my kids!

    Belle | www.OneAwesomeMomma.com

  2. I love the printables! I think it's awesome that you wrote specific times and/or destinations, like for the hotel! That way, it helps them break up the time so they don't open everything at once. Thanks for sharing!
    -Samantha, from samanthaelaine.net

  3. What a fun idea! Kids will have so much fun with this!! Pinning to my travel board.

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