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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tin Can Flower Garden

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Our chain link fence got a little makeover with a simple tin can flower garden. We had enough cans leftover that we used a few for a centerpiece down our patio table, too. I think any place is a good place for a sweet little flower garden, actually!
Rainbow Garden
Do you have a chain link fence that could use a little spruce up? We have vine growing on the majority of our fence, but it was a bit untidy where the vine tapered off. We fixed that with the sweetest little tin can flower garden that the whole family worked on together. See how simple it was to create below.

Tin Can Flower Garden

tin can flower garden
While I love the lush vine that has overtaken this fence, there are times of the year that it's not as lush and pretty. And there are sections of the fence where it's not consistent. And well, it's kind of fun to break up all that green with the prettiest pops of color from both flowers AND pretty painted cans. This tin can flower garden is now my favorite thing to see when I pull into the garage since this fence is right in that spot. Who wouldn't want to be greeted by a rainbow-licious row of pretty Vinca flowers, right?

polka dot planter
I had two sweet friends who saved the industrial-sized cans for me from the cafeterias at the schools they work at. I ended up with such a plethora of cans that we painted a few more to sit down the middle of the patio table, too...a tin can flower garden centerpiece!

rainbow centerpiece
I am loving all the color this mini flower garden brings all over the yard.

Cleaning after gardening
We spent a great deal of the day painting and planting and getting crazy messy (but that's part of the fun, right?). We ended the day by washing our troubles (and dirt off our clothes...literally) with the new sulfate-free all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS®. The bottle includes the ingredients on the back of it so you know what's going into your family’s laundry. It is one of the first detergents to list their ingredients out there for consumers. NEW sulfate-free all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® delivers a powerful clean without harshness.

Homemade Chalk Paint

Creating a Tin Can Flower Garden

For our tin can flower garden, we started with empty industrial-sized food cans (cleaned out). We also used chalk-style paint (in a variety of rainbow colors) so that it would stick to the cans easily. We used both regular foam brushes and circle-shaped ones (both of these were in the craft department at Walmart). I sealed the cans with a simple, matte varnish.

Painting Cans
My kids are always begging to help with painting projects. Honestly, I struggle because often I'm redoing antique pieces that don't exactly lend themselves to kids helping. But I feel bad turning them down. This was truly the perfect project for them to join in the painting fun. I gave them carte blanche with the paint brushes and let them have at it. Each can required two coats of chalk-style paint.

Painting Polka Dots
Once the base coats dried, we used the circle sponge brushes to dab on dots. Then we sealed the cans with a matte varnish.

Drainage Holes
We turned the cans over to drill drainage holes. If you're hanging your flower garden on a fence, also drill a small hole on the side of the can, towards the top. You'll use an "S" hook through that hole to attach it to your fence when it's all planted and ready to go (see below).

Hanging Cans on Fence
I hung an empty can on the fence to show how the S hook works in this project.

Planting Cans
We did plant all of our pretty flowers before hanging the tin can flower garden up.

Hanging Tin Cans
And of course, hanging the tin can flower garden in a rainbow-riffic pattern was the name of the game.

Flower Watering
A little drink and our flower garden was all set.

Watering Flowers

Garden on a Fence

Rainbow Polka Dot Cans

Want More Tin Can Flower Garden Ideas?

Or check out my new Window Boxes for another flower garden idea in the below video:

Dirty Shirt
We definitely made a mess...but it was worth it!

Washing Clothes
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Easy Centerpiece
I'm super proud of how our old door patio table turned out, too. It looks so pretty with the flowers lined up on it. I was so honored to have this table featured in a two-page spread in Flea Market Home and Living Magazine.

Fence Garden
What would you plant in a tin can flower garden?


  1. Oh, these are cute! This would be perfect because my dog Thor, bless him, LOVES to dig, last year he ate a few tomatoes and cucumbers LOL. He wanted to be a healthy puppy apparently. I could use ALL in my house because Thor loves to jump after playing and we can all get pretty dirty! Thanks for sharing the tin can fence garden it's adorable!

  2. These are super cute, now to find some friends who work in the restaurant field so I can get the large cans. :P

  3. Well, aren't those tin cans with the polka dots just the cutest! I do not have a chain link fence, but this would be perfect for my sister who does. This is such a cute and practical DIY project.

  4. I love this idea and need to do this on my chain link fence! #client

  5. Those are SO cute. The colors, the polka dots! This would be a fun summer project for me and my kiddos.

  6. Although I am not into gardening, I can see myself using the pots for other things around the house. They are super cute and I can put them on my son's homeschool room to keep toys and school supplies organized. Now I just need to find the time to get crafty.

  7. I love this idea very creative and you can recycle used cans at home. I love gardening as well I have decent size land that I used for my veggies and Tree fruits. However I do not have iron fence though but I can used this cans for my herbs and create something to hang for.

  8. I love all these colours together, and I am especially a fan of polka dots! These are adorable! I'm planting some flowers with the kids this weekend so I might try this!

  9. That is such a cute and colorful idea! It really brightens up a chain link fence. We have a fence like that. I wonder if I could keep my dogs from ruining it if I tried something like that. I'll have to see!

  10. The minute I saw these, I knew we needed some in our back yard. They're the cutest! Also, I'd been trying to think of a solution for some containers to grow herbs in that the dogs would get into. I know what my grandson and I will be doing this weekend! x

  11. This is so cute. Bright colors and then the pretty plants. I have cans, s hooks and will get enough plants to fill them.The herbs are perfect Alison Rost!

  12. Love the round brush for doing the polka dots, makes it so much easier.

  13. I love these! They would brighten up my boring old fence. I need one of those polka dot tools in my life. I have kids who are great garden helpers and pretty much look like that when we're finished, too! I can totally relate! commenting from the Share it Link up ~RascalandRocco.com

  14. These are really really great and I love all the different colours you chose. Of course the polka dots just made them so much cuter and fun. Thanks for the idea.

  15. Hi Kristi, I'm Featuring your adorable tin can garden tonight at the What to do Weekends party over @ Shoestring Elegance. Thanks so much for sharing. Congratulations!