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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

2x4 Bunnies

This tutorial for 2x4 Bunnies contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. Paint for the 2x4 Bunnies was provided by Plaid Crafts.

These 2x4 Bunnies are a fun little Easter craft to bring a little spring to your decor. You might even have everything you need on hand...we used a 2x4 from our scrap pile for this project. And these 2x4 bunnies seem to multiply like, well...you know.
Bunny Blocks
I love a good 2x4 project...mainly because I have loads of leftover 2x4s on hand from various projects. Usually, these projects don't cost a thing to put together...and are fairly uncomplicated, too. Check out my complete tutorial for these 2x4 Bunnies below.

Bunny Craft

2x4 Bunnies

It's definitely bunny season, y'all. Pretty sure this is like my fifth bunny project this month. But, I love the sweetness of a simple bunny silhouette...and they just scream spring. I made a floppity-jillion of these 2x4 bunnies last weekend and now have put them evvvvvvverywhere around the house. They're just so fun!

2x4 blocks

Supplies for 2x4 Bunnies

  • scrap piece of 2x4 (I cut mine into several squares and sanded the edges, pictured above)
  • cream or white acrylic paint
  • various spring paint colors (I used acrylic paints, you can see the kind below)
  • paint brushes
  • vinyl bunny silhouettes (I cut mine on my Silhouette Cameo, but you can purchase these online or at a craft store)
  • course sandpaper
  • antique or dark furniture wax

spring paint colors
I used some pretty spring-colored Waverly acrylic paints in Celery, Mineral, and Cream. Really any light or pastel colored paints would be lovely for these 2x4 bunnies.

painted 2x4 blocks
I only painted one of the larger sides of each of the blocks with the colored paint.

vinyl bunny
Then I added my small vinyl bunny silhouette. As I mentioned above, I used my Silhouette Cameo (I love this machine!) to cut this bunny, but you can find these online or at a craft store. The color of craft vinyl won't matter...it's just a template, in this case. 

painting bunnies
I seal my vinyl with the same color of paint that I just used on the first coat.

Bunny Block Craft
Then I did two coats of the Cream paint on the entire block.

Easter Bunny Craft
Once the second coat of Cream is dry, just peel the vinyl off of your 2x4 bunnies.

weathered bunnies
I sanded the edges of my 2x4 bunnies for a weathered look with coarse sand paper.

dark wax on wood
I used dark furniture wax on the edges of the blocks to age them further. I used a little wax mixed with paint to lighten areas where the wax, alone, was too dark.

2x4 Easter Bunnies
You could do so many fun colors for this...I kept it simple to coordinate with my decor, though. These 2x4 bunnies are the perfect little Easter decor touch all over the house.

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Happy Bunny Season!


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  2. These are so cute! What a lovely little spring motif - I would love if you'd come share this with Awesome Life Friday. Have a great weekend! http://rchreviews.blogspot.com/

  3. Kristi,
    These are so adorable. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing step-by-step instructions. We would love for you to share this post at our Monday Social party that is live now at http://www.botanicbleu.com/2017/03/monday-social-25.html


  4. These are adorable! Such a quick and easy project.

  5. Love these! Thanks for the easy tutorial and for sharing with us this week at Brag About IT! Pinned and Stumbled to share.

  6. These are adorable.! Is the wax you used a liquid or solid??

    1. Thank you, Susan! It was a solid wax (well, pliable, I suppose). But, really liquid would work well, too.

  7. Did the vinyl need to have a sticky back so it will stick to the wood?

    1. Yes...this is applicable vinyl that you would use in a vinyl cutter (like a Silhouette or Cricut). Thanks for stopping by!