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Spring Cleaning Made Fun and Easy

This Spring Cleaning Made Fun and Easy post is brought to you by Grove Collaborative.
Grab your FREE Mrs. Meyer's goodies and learn some fun spring cleaning ideas below.

Not going to lie, we hit the first of the year and I am sooooo over all of my apple cinnamon soaps and pumpkin spice candles. I'm ready for a clean slate (and a clean house!). Grove Collaborative is once again offering FREE Mrs. Meyer's to new customers ($40 worth in the cutest cleaning kit ever!). It's the perfect way to usher out all the spicey scents and bring in all the clean, fresh scents of spring that make your house feel new from top to bottom.

Or check out even more details below.

I think there are TWO things that I'm absolutely dying over in this kit...
1) the EXCLUSIVE new Mrs. Meyer's product....HAND LOTION!
2) the adorable white enamel cleaning caddy (it's soooooo cute!). 

In fact, if you grab this free cleaning kit here, you'll also get:

- Free Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap
- Free Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap
- Free Grove Collaborative Walnut Scrubber Sponges
- (and the lotion and caddy I mentioned above!)

This kit is exclusive to new Grove customers with their first $20 order. The kit itself is worth $40...so, if you do the math...that's $20 worth of cleaning products for NADA (zip, zing, zilch)!! And I have to say that I absolutely love getting all of my soaps and cleaning products from Grove Collaborative on a regular basis. They make it a breeze and you can cancel at any time.
But seriously...you can't get Mrs. Meyer's new exclusive hand lotion ANYWHERE ELSE!
Click here to claim your free kit which includes a bottle of this goodness. 

Just choose your favorite scent and you're ready for some spring cleaning FUN! 

One of my best spring cleaning tips is in the details...nothing says “I’ve got it together” like a matching trio of dish soap, hand soap, and lotion sitting neatly by the sink (in this gorgeous enamel caddy).

How much more excited would you be about scrubbing the house if all your supplies were organized in something this pretty? I certainly am. I mean...this actually makes me want to clean. Sometimes, the smallest motivation (as in an enamel caddy) is all I need to get into the cleaning groove.

Another spring cleaning tip? Grab a rockin' playlist.
Nothing makes me move (even in a mopping motion) as much as music. 

And finally...don't forget the fresh flowers. A clean home deserves some simple fresh flowers.

Already a member of Grove Collaborative?
Click here for your own special goodie (it's FREE Hand soap!).

Happy Spring Cleaning, y'all!

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